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LitLab is an Oakland, California based nonprofit organization with a mission to create interactive early learning environments and solutions for under-sourced children, their caregivers, and educators. Since they began, LitLab has delivered 194 new programs serving 5,909 families and children.


Nonprofit Challenge

Previously, LitLab worked with an accountant who had limited nonprofit experience and constantly reconciled their preferred way of doing things against the needs of the business.

The Solution

Jitasa offers specialized nonprofit accounting services, designed to meet the unique needs of individual nonprofit organizations—for LitLab, that included speed, responsiveness, good communication, and friendly service.

Jitasa’s Impact

According to LitLab, Jitasa has:

Father Son Reading

Quote icon Working with Jitasa immediately eliminated or reduced a number of pain points for our organization. One of the biggest benefits has just been the response time of Jitasa staff to our inquiries and requests. It's my single favorite aspect of the service and I hope that it remains a high priority for the company

Chris RundeFinance & Operations Manager

I've had great experiences with all three of our [Jitasa] account managers so far. All were highly responsive to my needs, which is a big deal when dealing with a remote service (esp. in a different time zone). And, even though we've never met in person and very rarely have even spoken by phone, I feel like we develop friendly relationships which is really nice!

Chris RundeFinance & Operations Manager
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