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Nonprofit Revenue Streams to Diversify Proceeds

Although a nonprofit organization is primarily committed to serving a specific mission, the term nonprofit is often misleading. A nonprofit organization must, for example, still generate a profit if they hope to fulfil their goals. Like any business, having multiple streams of income can help save an organization if one source falls through. It is a measure undertaken by many to ensure long term success, and can help continue service, uninterrupted--no matter the influence of external factors on one source of funding.

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What Nonprofits Should Know About Overhead

Discussions of nonprofit organizations and finances can quickly become murky because so many people simply do not understand that nonprofits still deal with money. In fact, they’re at least as aware of it as their for-profit peers. One area in which nonprofits sometimes struggle is in knowing how to approach and deal with overhead. If your organization struggles to sell the concept of overhead to donors who delight in offering money for the more “meaningful”, this one’s for you!

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3 Internal Controls to Protect Your Nonprofit Finances

One of the best ways to utilize a finite amount of money is to protect it. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than in the nonprofit world, where budgets can be limited and fraud rampant, despite good intentions and perceived safeguards. Often, nonprofit fraud isn’t the result of ill will (although sometimes it is), but people down on their luck, simple mistakes, or pure opportunity born of a lack of internal controls.

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3 Best Practices for Fantastic Fundraising Appeals

The fundraising appeal is a crucial part of any successful fundraising campaign. It is the way in which your organization asks for financial support. This can be done in a number of ways, including via virtual means or through direct mail—which is generally more responsive. When writing your fundraising appeals, you have to make sure that you choose your wording carefully to get the right message across to your potential donor.

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Budgeting & Revenue: 4 Tips for a Rewarding Virtual Event

Hosting virtual events can be used as a nonprofit marketing strategy for your organization or to fundraise for your causes. However, you’ll need a full grasp of virtual event budgeting and revenue planning to provide a solid financial foundation for your event. To get started, you’ll need an understanding of the virtual event planning process itself. That’s because the approach to virtual events is slightly different from that of in-person. The technology for virtual events is ever evolving, and therefore, you need to know what your audiences have been exposed to and what resonates with them to create a memorable event experience.

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