Sustainability Accounting Standards
Board (SASB)

Mountain iconThe Challenge

Before working with Jitasa, the SASB Foundation faced financial challenges due to high staff turnover and numerous errors in their files from their previous outsourced accounting firm. This made it difficult to manage their finances effectively and impacted their ability to focus on their core mission and programming.

Lightbulb iconThe Solution

Jitasa helped address these challenges by providing a dedicated controller and team who were extremely accurate, detail-oriented, and had a deep understanding of the organization's transactions. This allowed for timely and accurate financial processing, including back-end processing of invoices and employee reimbursements, which could be done while the US team was asleep. This enabled the team at the SASB Foundation to focus on resolving unusual transactions and handling operational and employee concerns, while having confidence that their bookkeeping and accounting were being handled properly.

Thumbs up iconThe Result

The impact of Jitasa's services on the SASB Foundation’s financial management has been significant. The team has been able to focus more on their core mission and programming, and Jitasa has helped them achieve specific successes such as supporting them through two international mergers in the space of two years. Additionally, Jitasa's level of communication and collaboration with the team at the SASB Foundation has been extraordinary, with quick and thorough handling of emailed requests, and scheduled video meetings for more complicated requests.

Jitasa flames iconWhy Jitasa?

SASB making a guest appearance at the London Stock Exchange

The SASB Foundation highly recommends Jitasa's services to other non-profit organizations, as they understand the needs of non-profits and provide exceptional support. The dedicated team members from Jitasa, are highly valued members of the SASB Foundation’s success.