Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the benefit of using Jitasa’s services vs. hiring a local bookkeeper?

With Jitasa you get access to an entire accounting department. Our service teams are made up of accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, and specialists who work solely with nonprofits.

Our experience means your accounting will be done correctly, and on time. We also operate on a team based model, which means you’ll never experience a lapse in service.

2. We have a staff member do our bookkeeping, and want to keep it that way…

We’re able to assist your in house bookkeeper.

We can enhance your best practices, assist in reconciling at month end, and ensure you’re IRS compliant. Depending upon your budget, we can also review and restructure your accounts, provide long term planning and budgeting expertise, and provide regular monthly reports.

3. How many hours per month do I need?

We offer a fixed fee model based on your needs. We’ll help you determine the best solution for your nonprofit and your bill will remain the same month over month.

4. Will we be losing control by outsourcing to Jitasa?

No, our goal is to act like a member of your staff, which means regular meetings and updates. In addition, you will still have control of your books and accounting, including the power to authorize and review your progress.

5. What type of nonprofits do you work with?

We have worked with nonprofit organizations in every sector. We service startups, large federations, and everything in between. We also regularly assist churches and congregations.

Our bookkeeping and accounting solutions cater to every nonprofit, regardless of size.

6. Will I have one dedicated bookkeeper/accountant to work with?

Yes. Thanks to our team based model, you will have a core team of three or four members capable of working on your account, however our goal is to become an extension of your organization, meaning you will primarily work and interact with one team member.

7. We are a startup nonprofit, are we too small to need your services?

If you are small and growing, now is the perfect time to form a relationship with Jitasa.

We’ll help you establish clean, well-organized books and records. Freeing up your time and resources in this critical stage of growth, and highlighting your financial position and commitment to potential donors. Our services for small startup nonprofits starts at $395 per month.

8. Can you file taxes?

Yes. We are able to file 990 EZ, 990 PF and 990 Full. Click here for more information.

9. Will Jitasa help us get through our annual audit?

Yes, if you are a current client we are able to assist you in the auditing process. We will provide direct support during your audit and provide your auditor any financial documentation they require.

Please note, to avoid a conflict of interest, Jitasa is not able to conduct audits.

10. We are behind on our bookkeeping, and it’s a mess now… can you still help?

Yes, however depending on the amount of clean up required, the onboarding process may take a bit longer than usual and may include an additional charge.

11. Do you offer payroll?

We will take care of all of your payroll needs. We collect time sheets, deal with employee changes, and record the proper accounting entries. We will work with a 3rd party payroll provider, such as ADP, Gusto, or Paychex to handle your taxes and direct deposits. Our clients are eligible for discounted rates with many 3rd party payroll providers and we are happy to help facilitate that process.

12. How long does setup take?

Depending on your current accounting methods, set up can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. The time frame is largely dependent on how quickly you provide necessary documentation.

13. Is there additional cost for my accounting questions?

No, thanks to our fixed fee pricing we are available when and how you need us.

14. How do I get documents to you?

Our primary method of exchanging documents is with Sharefile, a leading document management system. Additionally bank statements and credit card statements can be accessed directly in the cloud.

15. I’ve lost my 501c3 status… how do I get it back?

For the full procedure on how to proceed in reacquiring your 501c3 status, visit:

16. Help! My question isn’t listed above…

If we’ve failed to address your question above, please feel free to contact us via the following and we will happily assist you. CONTACT US