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Based in Maynard, Massachusetts, Neighbor Brigade forms volunteer-based chapters to assist neighbors in crises, such as illness, serious injury, or tragic events. By providing support and resources, they establish community-specific networks that can be mobilized to help residents in-need quickly and free of charge.


Nonprofit Challenge

Prior to joining Jitasa in 2015, the Neighbor Brigade was challenged with providing clear reporting to their Board of Directors as well as grant management and donor management. With countless hours spent on their bookkeeping, it was taking away precious time from their staff to focus on the nonprofit’s mission.

The Solution

Jitasa offered customized nonprofit accounting services and annual 990 tax fillings to meet the Neighbor Brigade team’s needs. Proactively knowing when their board meetings are, Jitasa ensured Polly’s team had all the reports prior to every meeting and adapted when employees took vacations. By acting as a proactive resource, Jitasa provided a checks and balances systems to ensure Neighbor Brigade’s accounting never missed a beat.

Jitasa’s Impact

According to Neighbor Brigade, Jitasa provides:

Cooler wit flowers and food

Quote iconProfessionals at Jitasa focus on bookkeeping every day and it is their expertise, they are much faster and thorough than we could ever be. This allows us to focus on the service of our nonprofit, which is our expertise.

Polly Hunt MendozaNeighbor Brigade

Jitasa gives our donors the security they deserve by providing fast reporting, invoicing and troubleshooting. We have saved many work hours by having [Jitasa] professionals be able to focus on our financials instead of spreading our staff too thin.

Polly Hunt MendozaNeighbor Brigade
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