Family Promise of Forsyth County

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Family Promise is a national organization dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness for families with children. They greatly emphasize helping these families achieve and sustain financial independence. The Family Promise of Forsyth County affiliate understands that homelessness has many forms and helps many children who are staying in hotels or motels or even sleeping in their cars. This noble organization takes an individualized approach, understanding the needs of every family, and providing community-based programming to serve those needs.

Mountain iconThe Challenge

Prior to working with Jitasa, Family Promise of Forsyth County managed their own finances, recording their own revenue and expenses and compiling their own statements. However, it caused a lot of anxiety for their team. While they knew they were careful to enter everything accurately, their executive director lost sleep over concerns about whether their team used the best accounting practices, especially those specific to nonprofit accounting. Their team, while able financial experts, lacked confidence in the intricacies and specific requirements of nonprofit accounting. The executive director vowed to find a way to use their accounting system to work smarter rather than harder.

Lightbulb iconThe Solution

Jitasa is a nonprofit-specific accounting firm, so when they met with the Family Promise of Forsyth County staff, they addressed particular concerns that had previously caused headaches for their team. Now, reports are timely and accurate and the Family Promise team rests easier at night knowing that their financial needs are in the hands of nonprofit accounting experts.

Thumbs up iconThe Result

Outsourcing their finances to Jitasa’s team of experts gave the Family Promise of Forsyth County time back in their day to dedicate to their mission. This time allows their team to change the lives of even more children, an especially important mission given the growing need in the area. Their team is also excited to launch the building of a new office and day center, allowing them to be in closer proximity to those they serve. Not only this, but Family Promise also gained the confidence to apply for more grant funding, knowing that they can keep their transactions and expenses well-organized for reporting purposes.

Jitasa flames icon Why Jitasa?

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Family Promise of Forsyth County first heard about Jitasa from their national-level organization. The idea of around-the-clock support from Jitasa’s global team made Jitasa stand out and impressed Family Promise’s executives. They soon developed a relationship with their primary Jitasa representative and established a foundation of trust with Jitasa’s team. This trust and open communication means Family Promise has no hesitation in raising concerns and receives speedy responses to their questions.