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Ameinu envisions Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, at peace with its neighbors, committed to religious pluralism and social and economic justice for all its citizens. Ameinu mobilizes Jews who seek to strengthen the bond between the Jewish people and Israel while working to improve society as a whole.

Mountain iconThe Challenge

Before partnering with Jitasa, Ameinu faced challenges with their bookkeeper's limited capacity, leading to misunderstandings and difficulties that consumed their time and resources. The complex structure of their organization and multiple initiatives required meticulous attention to detail, resulting in inefficiencies and wasted time.

Lightbulb iconThe Solution

Jitasa's comprehensive solution addressed Ameinu's financial challenges by providing clear and graphic monthly reports, robust coding processes, and assistance with budgeting and tax report submissions. Their personalized approach, with a dedicated team of bookkeepers who took the time to understand Ameinu's unique organizational structure, fostered effective collaboration and a deeper understanding of their financial needs. This personalized touch alleviated the burden of accounting and administrative tasks, allowing Ameinu to focus on their core missions.

Thumbs up iconThe Result

Working with Jitasa yielded significant improvements for Ameinu's financial management. The monthly reports provided by Jitasa offered a clear and understandable picture of their finances, allowing for better monitoring of their budget, comparison with previous years, and informed decision-making. The availability of a dedicated team of bookkeepers ensured prompt responses and efficient solutions to any accounting-related issues, empowering Ameinu to focus more on their core missions and programming.

Jitasa flames icon Why Jitasa?

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Jitasa's personalized approach and commitment to understanding Ameinu's unique organizational structure and initiatives was the difference maker. The dedicated team of bookkeepers consistently provided reliable support and timely communication, demonstrating a genuine interest in Ameinu's work. By entrusting their accounting and bookkeeping needs to Jitasa, Ameinu was able to redirect their resources towards their mission, enhance communication with donors and partners, and present them with accurate and up-to-date financial information.