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Family Promise of Greater Washington County is an organization dedicated to helping families experiencing homelessness. The organization provides shelter, meals, and support services for families with children, and works with local congregations and volunteers to offer a safe and welcoming space for families to stay during their time of need. Family Promise of Greater Washington County also provides case management, job training, and other resources to help families transition to stable, independent living.

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Before working with Jitasa, the Family Promise of Greater Washington County served only four families and had manageable finances. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything changed. The organization had to reach out to the government for help and received a number of grants, causing them to suddenly work with 25 families. The organization’s volunteer board treasurer was doing all the bookkeeping and accounting, but she was becoming burnt out and needed to transition out.

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Jitasa stepped in and provided the necessary support during this difficult time. The team simplified things and created new spreadsheets and a chart of accounts that made things easier for them to understand. Jitasa also helped with reminders for missing receipts and deadlines, and their team of professionals provided clear guidance and solutions for the organization’s financial management.

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With Jitasa’s support, the organization successfully transitioned away from their previous bookkeeping firm. Jitasa’s team provided steady support through multiple leadership transitions and helped the organization focus on its core mission and programming. They gained the trust of the organization and allowed them to focus on the more important work of providing resources to families in need. The organization’s new hire was able to fit into her new position and work seamlessly with Jitasa, thanks to their established communication lines.

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The level of communication and collaboration with Jitasa was excellent, with Mary providing her cell number and always being available to answer questions. The organization would highly recommend Jitasa’s services to other nonprofit organizations, especially those who work with nonprofits, as they have experience with the unique challenges faced by these organizations. Jitasa’s team knows what they’re doing and provided clear guidance and solutions that helped the organization manage their finances during a difficult time.

Kerry Ferguson Operations Manager Family Promise of Greater Washington County

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