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The Beginner’s Guide to Nonprofit Accounting screenshot

The Beginner’s Guide to Nonprofit Accounting

This nonprofit accounting guide is great for anyone wanting to learn the foundation of nonprofit accounting. We cover everything from the basics, budgeting, audits, grant management, and more!

Budget Template screenshot

Budget Template

This nonprofit template is designed to help your organization budget effectively. It includes a budget by month, class, and location.

Chart of Accounts Template screenshot

Chart of Accounts Template

This nonprofit template is perfect for both newly formed to emulate and existing organizations to compare & improve upon your current Chart of Accounts. This is the industry’s standard Chart of Accounts with sections for classes, locations, and projects/grants.

Chart of Accounts (Churches) Template screenshot

Chart of Accounts Template (Churches)

This template is perfect for both newly formed to emulate and existing congregations to compare & improve upon your current Chart of Accounts. This is the industry’s standard Chart of Accounts for churches with sections for classes, departments, and projects/grants.

Income Statement Template screenshot

Statement of Financial Activity (Income Statement) Template

Whether you are familiar with financial statements, or this is a new concept for you, this nonprofit template will help your organization capture your revenue and expenses effectively. This aligns with our chart of accounts template, so you can translate it with ease. This template also offers a statement of financial activities by class, location, and project.

Monthly Close Calendar screenshot

Monthly Close Calendar Template

Stay on top of your monthly tasks effectively with this nonprofit template. The monthly calendar is equipped with 31 days of tasks to keep your nonprofit organized. Feel free to add your unique tasks as well to complete the calendar and call it your own.

PBC List Template screenshot

Provided By Client (PBC) List Template

Never been through an audit before? This example PBC List will give you an idea of what to expect, so you can better prepare your organization when the time comes.

Income Recognition Policy screenshot

Income Recognition Policy

Ensure financial clarity and integrity in your nonprofit with our comprehensive Income Recognition Policy template. From donations and grants to sales and in-kind contributions, navigate revenue recognition with confidence and in line with best practices.

Investment Policy screenshot

Investment Policy

Optimize your nonprofit's financial future with our detailed Investment Policy template, tailored to safeguard capital, maximize returns, and reflect your organization's core values. Whether it's ensuring risk diversification, adhering to socially responsible investing, or guaranteeing compliance, trust our framework to drive both mission and financial sustainability.

Reserves Policy screenshot

Reserves Policy

Fortify your organization's financial resilience with our comprehensive Reserves Policy template, designed to guide the creation, management, and purposeful deployment of reserves. This policy not only ensures fiscal stability against unforeseen challenges but also empowers strategic initiatives, guaranteeing your mission's continuity and success.

Financial Reporting Policy screenshot

Financial Reporting Policy

Stay informed and empowered with our structured Financial Reporting Policy template, crafted to ensure timely, transparent, and comprehensive financial insights tailored to your stakeholders. From detailed financial statements to clear budget comparisons, trust our policy to uphold accountability and foster informed decision-making.

Expense Authorization Policy screenshot

Expense Authorization Policy

The Expense Authorization Policy template meticulously outlines the procedures and responsible parties for nonprofits, ensuring clarity and efficiency from expense reporting to reimbursement. Designed with clarity in roles and limits, it safeguards organizational integrity and promotes fiscal responsibility.

Donor Privacy Policy screenshot

Donor Privacy Policy

The Donor Privacy Policy template is a comprehensive guide to the ethical management and protection of donor information for nonprofits. It emphasizes the utmost respect for donor preferences, ensuring that their generous contributions are acknowledged appropriately, while their personal information remains confidential and secure. The policy serves as an assurance of the commitment to safeguarding donor trust and maintaining transparent and respectful communication channels.

Conflict of Interest Policy screenshot

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Conflict of Interest Policy template provides a vital blueprint for nonprofits, ensuring ethical behavior, transparency, and integrity among stakeholders. By emphasizing disclosure and management of potential conflicts, it safeguards the nonprofit's reputation and reinforces a culture of accountability.

Audit Policy screenshot

Audit Policy

The Audit Policy template outlines robust procedures for both internal and external audits, ensuring financial transparency, adherence to legal requirements, and organizational accountability. By focusing on regular audit cycles, clear reporting mechanisms, and corrective action, the policy fortifies the nonprofit's commitment to sound financial governance.

Financial Responsibility Policy screenshot

Financial Responsibility Policy

Stay committed to responsible financial management to support your mission and ensure transparency and accountability. This policy outlines the financial responsibilities of everyone involved in your organization, including board members, executive directors, staff, volunteers, and others.

Gift Acceptance Policy screenshot

Gift Acceptance Policy

Navigate the clear guidelines on gift acceptance, ensuring they're in harmony with your mission and values. From monetary gifts to in-kind contributions, emphasize transparency, ethical considerations, and the protection of your organization's reputation. Delve deeper into the systematic approach for donor recognition and learn about regular policy reviews.

Procurement & Purchasing Policy screenshot

Procurement & Purchasing Policy

Dive into the robust vendor selection process emphasizing fairness, transparency, and efficiency. Understand the rigorous procurement methods, from competitive bidding to the intricate details of contract negotiation. Discover more about the commitment to integrity in every purchase, and the proactive monitoring measures to ensure consistent excellence.

Budgeting Policy screenshot

Budgeting Policy

Unlock your meticulous budgeting journey: from annual preparations, integrating diverse organizational insights, to an unwavering board oversight. Delve into the systematic review, reporting, and adaptive modification strategies, ensuring every financial move resonates with your core objectives. The commitment to financial diligence, transparency, and continuous policy enhancement is paramount.

Capitalization & Depreciation Policy screenshot

Capitalization & Depreciation Policy

Discover the stringent approach to asset management: from setting capitalization benchmarks, through detailed processes ensuring assets reflect true values, to judicious depreciation practices catering to every asset's unique lifespan. Dive into how you determine and adjust the life expectancy of assets, monitor for depreciation, and manage asset obsolescence with precision.

Record Retention Policy screenshot

Record Retention Policy

Master the blueprint of your organization's commitment to precise and structured record keeping. Every piece of data, from paramount financial sheets to crucial agreements, follows a deliberate timeline for storage, culminating in a safeguarded disposal. This policy not only fortifies the historical data preservation but also underscores the dedication to legal and regulatory compliance. Whether it's paper trails or digital footprints, the principle remains the same: organized, transparent, and secure.