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CPT Institute is a nonprofit organization that aims to preserve government benefit eligibility for injured and at-risk individuals. Their main focus is on educating the public and legal community, offering no-cost consultations and training. They are recognized as the nation's leading low-cost provider of Pooled Special Needs trusts, Settlement Management Trusts, and Minor trusts.

Mountain iconThe Challenge

Before working with Jitasa, CPT Institute faced challenges in maintaining effective communication between its systems and financial books. As the organization experienced rapid growth, it became crucial to accurately translate the information stored in its system to the chart of accounts to keep the board well-informed. Additionally, the yearly audit posed a daunting task for the organization.

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Jitasa stepped in to address these challenges by providing expertise in financial management. They helped establish a streamlined process for integrating CPT Institute's systems and books, ensuring accurate and timely reporting. Jitasa's support extended to simplifying the yearly audit process, alleviating the organization's burden and providing guidance through the audit requirements.

Thumbs up iconThe Result

With Jitasa's services, CPT Institute has experienced significant improvements in financial management. The organization can now easily extract relevant information from its books to generate reports that provide valuable insights to the board of directors. This increased visibility into the financial data has been instrumental in the success of CPT Institute. Furthermore, Jitasa's assistance in navigating the yearly audit has made the process simpler and more manageable for the organization.

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Working with Jitasa has allowed CPT Institute to focus more on its core mission of educating and training the community on government benefits. Jitasa's expertise in financial management and their ability to simplify the audit process have provided CPT Institute with peace of mind and confidence in their financial operations. The prompt and professional communication from Jitasa has fostered a strong collaboration between the two organizations. Based on their exceptional services, CPT Institute highly recommends Jitasa to other nonprofit organizations seeking reliable financial management and audit support.