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IMAGO Global Grassroots is an organization focused on empowering marginalized communities to create sustainable solutions to the issues they face. Based in the United States, Imago Global Grassroots works with local partners in Africa and Asia to provide training and resources to community members, particularly women and girls, on issues such as health, education, and economic empowerment. Through their programs, Imago Global Grassroots seeks to promote self-reliance and social justice, and to create lasting positive change in the communities they serve.

Mountain iconThe Challenge

When IMAGO Global Grassroots first started out, they did their accounting in-house with limited expertise. However, as the organization grew and more grants and employees came on board, it became clear that they needed bookkeeping support and high-level advice on how to structure their accounts and internal accounting processes to support future growth.

Lightbulb iconThe Solution

The organization partnered with Jitasa, who provided valuable advice on how to structure their accounts and internal accounting processes. Jitasa also helped the organization to comply with audit requirements more easily and provided a sounding board for policy implementation, such as expanding travel policies. Additionally, Jitasa helped the organization to better track expenses per project, which impacted budgeting and provided a better sense of which services had financial flexibility.

Thumbs up iconThe Result

With Jitasa's support, IMAGO was able to grow from four full-time employees to almost 20 full-time employees, expand into new regions, and apply for more grants. The organization was also able to achieve a better balance between operational financial management and adhering to GAAP requirements. Additionally, Jitasa's services allowed the organization to focus more on its core mission and programming, and the level of communication and collaboration with Jitasa benefited the organization greatly.

Jitasa flames iconWhy Jitasa?

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IMAGO chose Jitasa because they were looking for a partner who could provide high-quality bookkeeping services and financial advice to support their growth as a nonprofit organization. They appreciated Jitasa's expertise in working with nonprofits and the alignment of values between the two organizations. Additionally, Jitasa's responsiveness, flexibility, and willingness to collaborate made them a great fit for their needs.