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Learn the key details relevant to your nonprofit compensation policy in this article.

Nonprofit Compensation Policy: What You Need to Know

4 Types of Donor Analytics and What to Do With Them

4 Types of Donor Analytics and What to Do With Them

Fund accounting 101: The basics and best practices

Fund Accounting 101: The Basics and Best Practices

Nonprofit Financial Management | Best Practices to Know

Nonprofit Financial Management | Best Practices to Know

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) and Nonprofit Eligibility

The Employee Retention Tax Credit and Nonprofit Eligibility

T-Shirt Fundraising for Nonprofits Featured

T-Shirt Fundraising: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

Learn more about the American Rescue Plan and how it may impact your nonprofit’s strategy with this guide.

The American Rescue Plan: The Nonprofit Complete Guide

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Nonprofit Revenue Streams to Diversify Proceeds

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What Nonprofits Should Know About Overhead

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Nonprofit Cash Flow: Nine Tips for Better Financial Management

Learn more about nonprofit accounting with this guide to the basics and best practices.

Nonprofit Accounting: A Guide to Basics and Best Practices

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Risk Management for Nonprofits: 9 Smart Strategies

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What Makes a Nonprofit Profitable?

Learn more about how and why to issue a Form 1099 for nonprofits

Form 1099 for Nonprofits: How and Why to Issue One

Nonprofit Budgeting: Understanding the Basics plus Template

Nonprofit Budgeting: Understand the Basics [+ Template]

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Common Nonprofit Scams and How to Avoid Them

Nonprofit form 990 filing

Form 990 Filing: Your Essential Guide to Nonprofit Taxes

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Know the Difference: B Corp vs. Nonprofit

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The Importance of Goal Setting for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Bookkeepers vs. Accountants Blog Header

Nonprofit Bookkeeper vs. Accountant, Who Should You Hire?


Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Why You Should Ditch the Extra Accounts

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Can Nonprofit Organizations Unionize?

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Understanding Ownership for Nonprofit and For-Profit Business

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Setting Fundraising Goals That Initiate Action

Social Accounting, What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Social accounting: what is it and why does it matter?

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How to Prepare to Present Your Nonprofit Financials to Your Board

Jitasa Nonprofit Blog

27 Questions to Ask an Outsourcing Agency

Jitasa Nonprofit Blog

Don’t Get Scammed: Corporate Compliance Center Notice