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Don’t Get Scammed: Corporate Compliance Center Notice

There's a scam going around that has recorded activity in nearly every state. In this scam, your organization or business will receive a very official looking letter (see below). It will be addressed "Corporate Compliance Center: Annual Minutes Compliance Notice" or something similar. This letter will include important details about your organization, which aid in legitimatizing its appearance.

Compliance Notice Scam

The most important information on this particular letter and similar scams of its ilk lie in the wording at the bottom. In this case it states in bold, capital letters "THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED OR ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY, AND THIS OFFER IS NOT BEING MADE BY AN AGENCY OF THE GOVERNMENT." A legitimate government entity would not list this information. If you receive any communication with this verbiage or similar rhetoric, please use due diligence and investigate it further.

Just last week, one of clients nearly became the victim of these unconscionable brigands. Luckily, their team was able to assist them before they paid the fee.

What to do if you receive this letter or a similar scam

If you receive a letter such as this, please report it to your State's Attorney General's office, specifically, the consumer protection division. Most State governments have laws that seek to protect consumers from deceptive commercial solicitations. With enough complaints and evidence, it may be possible for the state to pursue legal action against the individuals and business perpetrating the scam. Please do your duty to aid other organizations and businesses by reporting this scam right away.

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