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What You Need to Know About Next Week’s Idaho Gives Campaign

Idaho Gives, Idaho’s annual day of charitable giving, is gearing up for a few changes because of the strange times we’re living in. We’re resilient, and these changes work to benefit the great nonprofits who rely on the generosity this day inspires. This year, what was once a day-long event becomes two weeks of charity, beginning on April 23rd and extending until May 7th. While there’s some excitement in day-long giving events, spreading the love over two weeks seeks to highlight the fantastic array of organizations around the state.

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CARES Act for Nonprofits | The Essential Guide

COVID-19 has impacted at least one aspect of everyone’s day-to-day life. Maybe you’re working from home now. Maybe your kids are out of school so you’re teaching them from the living room table. From making homemade masks to planning at-home date nights, our lives have changed as we react to the virus’s spread. First and foremost, Coronavirus is a humanitarian crisis. The CDC guidelines are being referenced by individuals all over the country to try to stop the spread of the virus.

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Where to Find New Donors for a Small Nonprofit

Everyone who raises money for a small nonprofit should be thinking about building a donor base. Having a large donor family who loves supporting your nonprofit’s work is a dream come true, especially when those folks give in support of the activities in your fundraising plan. So, where do you find awesome donors who want to give when you ask? There’s no magic pill you can take that will somehow attract rich people to your cause like moths to a flame.

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Into the Future: Forecasting for Your Nonprofit

Knowing where your revenue stands or is likely to stand can be a source of great comfort in uncertain times. Being able to make fact-based predictions that outline your needs, strengths, and areas that might require more work and resources is crucial in nonprofit success. For nonprofits that lack crystal balls--all of them--there is another way! With the help of a nonprofit accountant, you too can expertly predict the probability of your own revenue.

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Make the Most of These Free Nonprofit Services

Times are strange for everyone right now, but there’s a lot of good, neighborly stuff too. For people serving others or even just those of us working remotely, there are a lot of great free tools out there to make life a little easier. While many of them cost a fair amount of money under normal circumstances, they’ve been temporarily discounted or made free, making now an excellent time to explore your options!

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