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Nonprofit Bookkeeper vs. Accountant, Who Should You Hire?

If you’re unfamiliar with the nuances of accounting, you probably don’t realize that bookkeepers and accountants are not interchangeable. The fields are so often lumped together that their differences can be unclear. They are, in fact, separate entities with separate duties. Generally, the nonprofit staff members who try to take on all of the nonprofit financial tasks are executive directors, volunteer bookkeepers, or part-time employees. This tends to be impractical because these parties rarely have the necessary experience to effectively distinguish the types of tasks they’re doing or the expertise to do it well.

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Why You Should Ditch the Extra Accounts

Although your nonprofit organization might be going a million different directions, your finances shouldn’t be. If you’re still using more than one bank account or even institution to control your money, you’re likely costing yourself time and dollars. Separating dollars from different sources into different places can feel like a way to keep things simple, but it actually complicated your bank accounts and your life--and there are easier ways to create separation within your finances.

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How Social Media Will Impact Giving Tuesday

As Giving Tuesday approaches, Americans everywhere are choosing to save their Black Friday dollars for a more noble cause. While their causes vary, nonprofits everywhere rejoice in the trend toward giving and away from consumerism. Such is the spirit of giving during the holiday season that last year’s Giving Tuesday that organizations big and small are getting into the spirit. Last year, tech giant Facebook announced a Giving Tuesday match of $7 million, which was met in just a matter of seconds.

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Year-End Fundraising: 5 Strategies for Small Nonprofits

The year-end fundraising season is the single largest opportunity for nonprofits to raise the needed donations to fuel their next year of activity. This is especially true for small nonprofits, often operating with smaller staffs, fewer fundraising resources, and a smaller donor base. These organizations need to make the most of the holiday giving season. However, fewer resources can also make it difficult to conduct a successful year-end fundraising push. Smaller nonprofits need to navigate the season with efficiency, focusing their efforts in a way that will get results without expending too much of their time and money.

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Can Nonprofit Organizations Unionize?

Despite the historical decrease in worker unions, they’re piquing more interest as of late. Everyone from nurses to day laborers across the country are working to unionize in places where they haven’t previously. And, while nonprofit workers have not sought unionization on a large scale in the past, is it something they can do? Since they are workers--passionate, awesome ones--they can indeed unionize if they desire. A brief history While unions have often been created for blue-color jobs, recent years have brought on a surge of white-collar unions.

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