Paycheck Protection Program Round 2 - Nonprofit Loan Application

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Emergency Relief for Nonprofit Organizations

For nonartists and creatives, national disasters, including global health crises, feel catastrophic. Indeed, they can be. But, as the world weathers COVID-19, we’re seeing all sorts of inspiring adaptations for survival that promise a future for all types of organizations, big and small. And, while creative fundraising strategies are already hard at work, what type of aid exists specifically for nonprofit organization in times of crisis? For employees Nonprofits, like everyone else, may have to forgo nonessential services for a period of time.

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Tips for Nonprofits in Tough Times

In the midst of a global health crisis, most of us can’t help but think about our own families, businesses, and friends. We’re worried about what will happen in this economy, and there aren’t a lot of answers, nor will there be for awhile. But there is great reason for hope--signs of unity, acts of togetherness (from six feet apart), and communities joining in support of one another are all around us.

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A message from Jitasa’s CEO

Jitawesome Clients – On behalf of all of us at Jitasa, we wish you health and peace during these times. As a B-Corp we have always valued employees and previously implemented a limited work-from-home policy for a select group of employees. Today we expanded that program. The systems, processes, and security we built for those programs now allows us to do this with minimal interruption in the coming days. The lessons learned from that employee-first program have been beneficial in preparing for this global pandemic.

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Keeping Your Employees Safe During Potential Outbreaks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that COVID-19, referred to as coronavirus, is making its way across the world, recently appearing in the United States. Right now, the situation in the US is not serious, though the virus spreads quickly and easily, which means we will see more outbreaks here. Though some people are panicking, it isn’t necessary--COVID-19 should be taken seriously, but stockpiling months of supplies isn’t required.

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What To Do When People Don’t Pay

The worst part of accounting for most people is collecting money that is owed but not paid. Seldom is there a worse job than trying to collect money from people who are, for whatever reason, reluctant to give it. While this is a job common to for-profit organizations, nonprofits are not without the responsibility as well. People are weird about money--we don’t like to talk about the specifics of it or acknowledge that it exists, whether we make too much or too little of it.

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