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Executive Director Turned Accountant: What You Should Know

To be an executive director in the nonprofit world is no small task. It takes hours upon hours of hard work, dedication to the mission, and multitasking. They’re more committed than most, but must also be business savvy, a stellar communicator, and knowledgeable within their industry. Executive directors are unicorns of sorts, which can make it easy to expect too much of them. And, it’s easy for them to expect too much of themselves.

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How Nonprofits Can Give Back During the Holidays

Nonprofits give back to the communities they exist in throughout the year by offering services in areas that for-profit companies often neglect. At various points in the year, they offer food, clothing, and access to services, which they’ve worked hard to curate with the assistance of fantastic volunteers. Still, some hope to broaden their service around the holidays--and fortunately, this is easy to do! Partner up A great way to expand your impact during the holidays is to find another organization to partner with.

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Past, Present, Future: What is nonprofit journalism?

When we turn on or consume news, it is apparent that not all journalism is created equal. There are biases and prejudice, stories half told and irrelevant resources. There’s a huge variety of information available, especially in this age of internet. And there’s nonprofit journalism too--groups that operate to serve the public without concern for profit, relying on donations and grants to cover the cost of operation. But what exactly is nonprofit journalism and how does it work?

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How to Show Donors the Impact of Their Dollars

We live in a time of nearly immediate gratification--we expect to see the results of our actions a second after they happen. When donors swipe their debit card, they want to know exactly how the money is being used, but beyond that, they want to know that their dollars are making a difference. What impact are they having? For nonprofits, proving the direct effect of these dollars can be a difficult task that begins with understanding impact.

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How Can I Thank My Nonprofit Volunteers?

Nonprofit organizations cannot run without the tireless dedication of their many volunteers. For that, most nonprofit organizations are eternally thankful, and work to thank those individuals who volunteer their own time and resources in the spirit of carrying out a nonprofit mission. It’s tricky though--nonprofits are notoriously underfunded, and extravagant gifts aren’t possible, or in some cases, legal. So how can you thank your volunteers? What is and isn’t legal, necessary, and appreciated?

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