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Nonprofit Privacy: What You Should Know

Just like for-profit companies, nonprofits have access to a lot of private information. From IP addresses to personal phone numbers, there’s a lot of data floating around, and people are more aware of it than ever. While collecting data can be expected, your supporters want to know that you’re serious about protecting their information. You want to be seen as trustworthy and secure by donors, volunteers, and employees alike, which means giving some real thought and attention to your privacy measures.

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How to Work Remotely with a Nonprofit Accountant

Before the United States was thrust into a global health pandemic, you may have been planning to meet with your accountant. For business or personal reasons, you’d likely begun gathering documents, double-checking numbers, and searching your records for those last expenses. And suddenly, the world became an unfamiliar place. The tax appointment you’d scheduled six months ago was up in the air. If you had a good nonprofit accountant, they probably reached out with you to plan.

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What To Do After Tax Day

Tax Day, even when it moves, still carries with it a sense of impending doom--although it shouldn’t, if you’re following the rules. There’s a lot of build up before tax returns are due, and after, it can be easy to sit back and forget about this important part of your nonprofit strategy. Sadly, the need for sound financial practices does not end on July 15. If you’re feeling the need to put your financials on the backburner, resist that urge--here are a few ways you can set yourself up for success after Tax Day.

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Nonprofit Leadership: Attitude is Everything

Like any company, nonprofits require excellent leadership, which is especially important during times of immense change. Strong leaders possess the ability to guide organizations through good times and bad, no matter their experience. In fact, so little of leadership is actually about whether or not a leader has been there before. Good leaders do share some simple characteristics though, no matter where they’ve come from. You can recognize a good leader by looking for a few things--make sure they:

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5 Best Practices for Nonprofit Accounting in a Pandemic

If you’re working for a nonprofit, there are some best practices you should be following to ensure your accounting needs are not only met, but maximized. Despite their diligence, nonprofit organizations are often the victims of accounting mistakes or fraud. By implementing a few best practices, you can ensure that your organization runs smoothly and efficiently. Specialize Not all accountants and accounting software are created equally, so make sure you’re dealing with professionals who know and excel in the nonprofit space.

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