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Ultimate Guide to Fundraising for Nonprofits

Although nonprofit organizations don’t aim to make anyone rich, they rely upon being able to effectively fundraise. Nonprofits must pay staff member salaries, operational expenses, and fund the projects that allow them to provide the valuable services they give to the community. And, even when the economy is thriving, convincing people to give their hard-earned dollars to nonprofits can be a challenge. Fundraising for nonprofits doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be consistent, thoughtful, and even fun!

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Nonprofit Budgeting: Understand the Basics [+ Template]

Throughout 2020, you’ve probably had to reevaluate your nonprofit’s budget. The unprecedented challenges that the global pandemic has brought to light have forced many small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations to operate on an even tighter budget than usual. This makes it a perfect time for your organization to refresh your understanding of operating budgets in order to re-strategize your own to make the most of it. Here at Jitasa, we help executive and financial directors at nonprofit organizations to organize their finances for more efficient use.

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Protect Your Nonprofit from Fraud

When the economy struggles, everyone is on high alert for fraud. One sweep through any social media app points it out--neighbors reporting children wandering around, delivery vans being called in for suspicious activity. Of course, the cause for concern doesn’t come from nowhere--when people face fear of joblessness or loss of homes, there can be an increase in all types of fraud. Though nonprofit organizations may feel as though they’re exempt because of the nature of the service they perform, they’re at risk for fraud too.

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Common Nonprofit Scams and How to Avoid Them

Nonprofit organizations can be especially prone to scams, both internally and externally. Because they tend to be filled with do-gooder types, they’re often taken advantage of by people who perceive them to be easy targets. They’re frequently also small, making them potentially easy targets for people who take advantage of the nonprofit mission to create good in the communities they provide service to. Fraud risk in nonprofits A typical organization loses around 5 percent of annual revenue in fraud.

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Nonprofit Privacy: What You Should Know

Just like for-profit companies, nonprofits have access to a lot of private information. From IP addresses to personal phone numbers, there’s a lot of data floating around, and people are more aware of it than ever. While collecting data can be expected, your supporters want to know that you’re serious about protecting their information. You want to be seen as trustworthy and secure by donors, volunteers, and employees alike, which means giving some real thought and attention to your privacy measures.

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