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How to Keep Donations Coming As Cities Reopen

For many nonprofit organizations, Covid-19 has altered the way business is done. We're living in a strange new time of generosity--folks eager to help out where they can. But, as unemployment increases and the coronavirus haze wears off as cities reopen, many nonprofits wonder if and how they’ll survive. As people return to a version of life as usual, nonprofits should plan to take an active approach to staying relevant and reminding people that the need for donations is as strong (or even stronger) than ever.

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How to Navigate a Nonprofit Audit

When people hear the word audit, they aren’t typically thrilled. Audits sound scary, and they can be, if you’re doing something wrong. For most of us, audits don’t pose a threat, and, while they might feel somewhat inconvenient, there are plenty of ways to prepare. For nonprofit organizations, an annual audit can be a beneficial experience that strengthens your organization. Talk the talk To get the most out of an audit, you’ll need to focus on communication throughout the year.

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A Gift By Any Name

No matter what you call it, a gift is a gift is a gift. In the nonprofit world, there’s a lot of terminology for the same thing, though there are some differences between things that may seem the same. It can get confusing. A contribution is often called a donation, membership, gift, grant, pledge, or in-kind donation. Still, all refer to a transaction between nonprofit and donor in which the donor offers money or assets to an organization with no conditions.

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How to Fundraise From Home

A large part of fundraising for nonprofits happens face to face. It is the best way to form relationships, raise dollars, and increase awareness about your organization. When we’re all staying home to avoid the potential spread of illness, this can be challenging. So how can you go about managing and even growing your donor base from the comfort of home? It may be easier than you think. Focus on relationships There are a lot of people feeling lonely right now, and that includes your donors.

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Know the Difference: B Corp vs. Nonprofit

As charitable drives take place all over the country and discussions of corporate responsibility preside over our news media, you may frequently hear about nonprofit organizations and benefit corporations (also called b corps) organizations. While both share a commitment to a better world, there can be substantial differences between the two, and they’re important to know as you consider where your money goes, what sort of employment you might want, and even what organizations to prop up in your own community.

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