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6 Ways to Reassess and Revitalize Your Nonprofit in 2021

Often, people look to January as a time of energy and motivation for starting new habits and reinventing themselves. Generally, it comes right after a period of rest and relaxation, so goal-setters are prepared for a fresh start when the new year hits. In contrast, nonprofit professionals know that January represents a welcomed end to the hectic year-end fundraising season. It’s the finish line of the biggest fundraising push of the year, so when it’s been crossed, your team may be tired and even a little burnt out.

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Boost Conversions with These Donor-Centric Website Ideas

Your organization’s website became the star of the show in 2020, emerging as a primary channel for fundraising, advocacy, and marketing strategies. As we head into 2021 with no return to in-person engagements in the immediate future, it’s worthwhile to review your website to ensure it’s designed to drive high engagement and donation conversions going forward. Your site’s conversion rate is the percentage of supporters who visit a specific page on your website and complete a desired action after doing so, whether by signing up for a virtual event or by making a donation.

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7 Types of Nonprofit Tools Every Modern Organization Needs

Modern nonprofits rely heavily on technology to communicate with constituents and supporters, raise critical support, and streamline day-to-day operations. With the dramatic shift toward virtual nonprofit strategies that we’ve seen in 2020, this is more true now than ever before. At Lumaverse, we understand the power of effective technology. We work to equip mission-driven organizations with the tools they need to succeed. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help nonprofits better understand the different solutions that can bring them to the next level.

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5 Reasons Professional Development Can Help Your Nonprofit

There are a ton of excuses employers use to avoid effective training and professional development practices. For example, you might have heard this one: “We don’t train our staff because if we do, they’ll leave.” Or perhaps this rationalization: “If they weren’t trained to do the job, we wouldn’t have hired them.” Maybe this? “Nobody can teach you about this job. You have to do it yourself.” And then there’s the old standard: “Training is too expensive.

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Nonprofit Cash Flow: Nine Tips for Better Financial Management

Good financial management is a crucial part of nonprofit strategy, ensuring the continued existence of the organization and the services they provide. Budgets can be more complicated because of additional barriers to raising money, regulations governing how money is used, and a focus on service over profit. All of this requires that nonprofits exercise exceptional financial control. Whether you manage all aspects of your finances internally or utilize external contractors and organizations for things like nonprofit accounting, managing your cash flow is crucial.

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