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What You Love to Read, Our 7 Most Shared Blogs

Our blog has a ton of content, we've weeded through it all to provide the 7 most popular articles that have been shared and read over and over.

  1. What Will Nonprofit Accounting Look Like in 100 Years?
    We polled our employees to see what they think the future of accounting holds.

  2. 5 Nonprofit Twitter Feeds to Follow These tweeters had a big draw.
    Find out how The Socialbrite Team, Fundraising Ideas, Classy, Grfcpas, and Top Nonprofits can change your world with their great tweets.

  3. Richard A. Gephardt Announcing Big News for the Jitasa Board
    Adding Congressman Richard A. Gephardt to our board of directors drew quite a bit of attention.

  4. David Cassel with Basketbal Team Employee Spotlight, Epidsode 6
    David's lyrical musings inspired laughs and shares in this employee spotlight. His "poem" is worth a read.

  5. Communicating with your accountant
    Communication makes the world go round; in this blog accountant Dawn Birdwell addresses how to make life with your accounting staff as easy as possible.

  6. Great Fundraising Tools: Mobile Apps
    These three apps allow donors to give effortlessly. As a nonprofit you can find out how to sign up, and as a donor you can discover how to change your giving game.

  7. Storytelling Non-Profit 5 More Nonprofit Blogs You Should Be Following
    Blue Avocado, Tech Soup, Social Velocity, Fundraising Coach, and The Story Telling Nonprofit drew plenty of readers when they were featured on our 5 blogs list.
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