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We’re Still Committed to Excellence: B Corp Recertification

At Jitasa, we believe that impact takes many shapes, sizes, and forms. For us, it’s helping nonprofits not only succeed, but bolster their outreach. Our name means “the spirit of serving others,” and it speaks to our desire to serve our community, enhance our services, and help the nonprofit community achieve success. As a B-Corp, we are devoted to excellence.

Since 2012 we have pledged to prove our commitment to making the world a better place by undergoing the rigorous certification process to become a B Corp, and maintain our status as such. We are excited to continue that commitment as we celebrate our recent recertification as a B Corporation. As a B Corp we promise to:

  • Maintain higher standards: we care about our impact and are passionate about volunteerism, transparency, and improving our environmental and social impact.
  • Live our values: Jitasa is committed to being conscientious, disciplined, and gracious with our clients, our business models and each other. Being a B Corp is just one way we adhere to these values. Allowing an official third party to analyze our business provides an objective look at our commitment.
  • Enhance our SROI: The technical definition of SROI is "an approach to understanding and managing the value of the social, economic, and environmental outcomes created by an activity or organization." More simply, it is a business's ability to create measurable value in these arenas. Jitasa has a measureable SROI of roughly 20 million dollars.
  • Put our time and money where our hearts are: B Corp’s are 2.5x more likely to give employees at least 20 hours per year paid time off to volunteer. At Jitasa employees are given 40 hours paid time off a year to help others, and since January have completed over 250 hours volunteering and supporting missions they are passionate about.
  • Prove our commitment: Becoming a B Corp is hard work, in order to recertify we’ve had to pass a rigorous score card that focuses on our mission, structure, impact, and transparency.

We’re number crunchers with a purpose, and we’re on a mission to broaden nonprofit outreach. Our B Corp recertification is a very public reiteration that we are doing things right.

Click to view our updated score, and to discover the other 1,785 great companies that share our passion for greatness visit: https://www.bcorporation.net/community/find-a-b-corp

Renata Poe Massie, Content Creator for Jitasa

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