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We Believe in the Power of Good

The sign outside our office reads “Jitasa, Numbers for good.” This slogan, and other pithy one liners also adorn the walls within the office. Slogans like, “number crunchers with a purpose”, and “we believe in positive change,” they’re not just décor, they serve as a reminder of who we are.  

Our name means the “Spirit of Serving Others,” and we try to embody that meaning every day. You may know that our mission is to serve the nonprofit community. We focus on broadening nonprofit outreach and making the world a better place through our nonprofit partnerships. However, you may not know that we make a concentrated effort to connect with our community.

This year our employees have logged over 555 volunteer service hours. They operate nonprofits, serve on boards, interact with local elderly and youth, rake leaves, and paint houses. They give their time to causes they believe in, and speak passionately about it.  

“I am both fortunate and blessed, and feel compelled to give back to those who aren’t.”

“I volunteer because it provides a positive impact to preserving the great outdoor resources we have here in Idaho”

“I volunteer because without acts of kindness the world is an impossibly cruel place.”

“I volunteer because I cherish the community I live in and want it to be a healthy environment for my children one day!”

At Jitasa volunteering is celebrated, we hire passionate people who want to impact the world in a positive way. To further encourage giving to others, we provide all employees 40 paid volunteer hours a year. This time is provided in addition to vacation and personal hours. We’re not required to provide this time; we do it because we believe in the power of good.

On Wednesday, we were recognized by our beautiful state (Idaho) for these beliefs and awarded the Governor’s Brightest Star Award in the Corporate category.  Established in 2001, the Governor’s Brightest Star Awards Program recognizes companies and individuals that give their time to the community through the efforts of volunteering.

And even better, one of our clients was the Governor’s personal choice for overall leader in service. The Wyakin Warrior Foundation is dedicated to helping injured and wounded warriors not only persevere, but excel in civilian life. They assist those that have sacrificed for our country by providing scholarship, mentoring, training and networking assistance to Veterans.  

In a recent blog post, the foundation wrote, “Men and women join the military for several reasons, but they all share – and have demonstrated – a willingness to serve.  That spirit of service doesn’t go away when a warrior is wounded or injured, and we continue that commitment in the Wyakin Warrior program.”

They display a commitment to serving others, and we would like to congratulate them on receiving this recognition from the Governor, as well as their Brightest Star award. We just do their books, they change the worlds of Veterans.

We were honored to share this experience with individuals dedicated to social change. We were recognized for our employee’s commitment to serving others and our dedication to the community. As our company continues to grow, we look forward to broadening our community outreach and increasing our volunteer hours in the years to come.

Renata Poe Massie, Content Writer for Jitasa

To find out how you can further the efforts of The Wyakin Warrior Foundation, please visit http://www.wyakin.org/how-to-help/our-mission/  
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