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Update to IRS Form 990 Extension Filing

Good news in the nonprofit community, the IRS has made an update to Form 990. This update will make applying for an extension less of a hassle.

Nonprofit organizations with a yearend date after 12/31/2016, which need an extension in filing their IRS Form 990 will only have to file one extension to receive a six month grace period.

File IRS 990 extension

In prior years you had to file a 3-month extension, and then another 3-month extension. This change eliminates some paperwork in between extension deadlines – one less thing to worry about. You will still use Form 8868 to request an extension.

We hope this is good news for your nonprofit; it sure made our lives easier here at Jitasa. Remember, if you're frustrated with the 990 process, we can file for you. Find out more at www.jitasa.is

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