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Time is An Opportunity

Below is an excerpt from a recent blog post ‘What is Your Time Worth?’ by our friends at Sidekick Solutions.

Time is an opportunity.

Your time allows you to be productive. You leverage your skills, knowledge, expertise, passion, and time into a task to produce value. If you are a great fundraiser, with great people skills, and a great ability to accumulate contributions for the organization and could leverage your skills and talents for one hour, should you use that hour to stuff envelopes for your direct mail or should you be at the one hour networking event? If the one hour of stuffing envelopes only yields $600 in donations and the networking event could yield $1,000 in donations then the decision to stay and stuff envelopes cost you and your organization $400. Therefore, the decision of where to apply your time is the opportunity of higher yield for your productivity. Your skill set is unique and has productive value. The organization benefits most when those skills are leveraged to yield your highest productivity. This type of rationale can be considered for hiring service providers, outsourcing functions that take internal teams too much time to complete, or freeing up internal staff time to focus on mission critical activities they are passionate about.

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Jeff Haguewood, Co-Founder - Sidekick Solutions
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