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The Jitasa Group: K12 Enterprise Case Study Spotlight

Here at Jitasa, we are trying to change and impact the world in a positive way. That’s why we spent 2016 purchasing companies that we felt would aid us in that goal.

K12 Enterprise is one such company. They are an award-winning Microsoft development partner that specializes in management solutions for K-12 school systems. Their system encourages districts to effectively manage resources through flexible tools designed specifically to meet their needs. For over 30 years, K12 Enterprise has been deploying solutions that improve the way schools can operate. Below is a case study detailing how they helped one such school improve their systems.

Owen J. Roberts School District

The Owen J. Roberts School District (OJR) spans seven townships and covers 100 square miles in the county of Northern Chester, Pennsylvania. They serve approximately 4,500 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade in 1 high school, 1 middle school, and 4 elementary schools. To serve these schools, the district employs over 1,200 staff members.

When OJR sought the services of K12 Enterprise, they were on the hunt for a system developed with practices used by financial professionals worldwide, but that could suit a school district specifically. Their selection criteria included:

  • A trustworthy product with a proven track record for business financials
  • The capability to connect to their other applications
  • Ability to accommodate 4,000 charts of accounts
  • Scalable to hundreds of users
  • PO module with approval and workflow routing schemes
  • Payroll for 1,200 employees, including W2s and direct deposit
  • Fund accounting
  • Encumbrances tracking
  • Budgeting: cost center and departmental
  • Variance reporting (budget vs. actual)
  • Ability to connect web portals
  • Reporting tools that were easy to learn and use

Ultimately, they chose K12 Enterprise and their Microsoft Dynamics Solution because, per John Zook, Technology Director of OJR, "it is built upon the Microsoft product, which is used by tens of thousands of finance professionals worldwide." In addition, the fact that it also connected with their other applications and web portals simplified their reporting procedures.

Due to the complex nature of implementing a new system, OJR decided to implement K12 Enterprise in phases, beginning with payroll. Beth Radford, Business Manager for Owen J. Roberts School District, states that K12 and their partners AVF Consulting "were able to accommodate our broad, detailed chart of accounts and build allocation features to facilitate any combination of payroll allocations."

Thanks to the flexible architecture of K12 Enterprise, they could fluidity meet the needs of the Owen J. Roberts district. After full implementation, the directors of OJR reported increased efficiencies and productivity among their staff. The finance department was able to expand their daily, weekly, and monthly reporting abilities, and decrease the amount of reports needed from the IT department. Employees also noted the ease of transferring data between the new system and excel, and the ability to drill down reporting and sorting information.

Additionally, employees felt the ability to retrieve and analyze data with the new system was significantly improved. Beth Radford also noted that, "we can now pull data on the fly for instant reports, whether it’s for auditors, school administrators, or our department. Verifying data is easily accomplished by going directly into the General Ledger and utilizing filters. K12 Enterprise’s consultants had the expertise to configure our detailed payroll needs into a flexible application, allowing for proper allocations and both internal and external reporting."

We are continually impressed by the way that K12 Enterprise can modernize a district’s systems to provide a fluid, easy to use solution to employees. We’ve recently made the integration of our companies’ official, and K12 Enterprise is now a fluid part of Jitasa. We are ecstatic to serve a broader range of the public thanks to their scalable solution. To learn more about this segment of Jitasa, visit www.jitasagroup.com.

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