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The 2014 Independent Sector National Conference and Jitasa

The vision of the Independent Sector is to “live in a just and inclusive society---a healthy democracy of active citizens, effective institutions, and vibrant communities.”

That’s something we can get behind. That’s why CEO Jeff Russell will be representing Jitasa at the Independent Sector National Conference November 16-18 in Seattle, Washington. The conference hopes to “inspire new ideas, examine ways to achieve greater impact, strengthen the charitable community by sharing struggles and solutions, and create opportunity for new collaborations.” You can join Jeff by registering here, and pick his brain during the below program.

Innovations Sessions and CEO Jeff Russell

As part of the conference, Innovations Sessions will give participants face time with leading social innovators, providing unique insight into the services that improve organizational operations, and access to exclusive deals on cutting-edge products and services that can build your organization's capacity and grow its impact.

This year, Jitasa CEO and founder Jeff Russell will speak to your nonprofit’s ability to grow capacity through outsourcing. His presentation will illustrate how your nonprofit can benefit from outsourcing and provide real world examples of organizations that have succeeded in this avenue. All attendees will also receive a free download of his book “Do What You Do Best.”

Join the Independent Sector and Jeff Russell in Seattle beginning Sunday, November 16th to partake in this innovative conference, and catch Jeff’s session “Do What You Do Best: Outsourcing as Capacity Building in the Nonprofit Sector.”

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