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Change is imperative to improvement At Jitasa, we are continually analyzing our services, searching for ways to improve our offering. With this in mind we created a quality department. Now, to provide our clients the best service possible, we have recently expanded this department. Quality can be defined as a degree or grade of excellence, or a superiority of kind. A relevant definition, as our quality team seeks to achieve just that. They want to ensure that you are receiving the best service possible, and that your interactions with Jitasa are memorable for their pleasantness.

As such, they are committed to listening to and addressing your needs. To begin improving your experiences, email communication with your team now includes a link so you can give us your feedback. Completing this link will provide our quality team with your feedback, allowing them to advance performance, as well as highlight or mimic areas where we excel. Our Quality Associates are consistently seeking ways in which to enhance our processes, improve performance, and strengthen interactions. They identify areas of opportunity and development, create and implement training topics, and focus on increasing accuracy and effectiveness.  This includes implementing strategies that enhance and develop positive communication, as well as furthering best practices by validating the work of our accounting staff to ensure accuracy.

Through these actions, we hope to advance the quality of our accounting services while increasing customer satisfaction. 

Renata Poe Massie, Content Writer for Jitasa

To learn more about our Quality Controls and Procedures visit our Risk Management page. 

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