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Preparing for Yearend with Jitasa

For many nonprofit organizations, the yearend accounting marathon is right around the corner. If you’re struggling with the 990 process we are here to help, whether or not you’re a current client. Below are some useful blogs and articles to answer your 990 questions. In addition, you’ll find info about signing up for our 990 products.

990 Blog Flashback

We scoured the interwebs for the most helpful 990 resources out there

We break down when you need to record volunteer services, and how to report them on the IRS Form 990.

Here’s a glossary of terms the IRS routinely use on form 990.

Following these tips throughout the year will save you some time and heartache when you file at the end of the year.

We address frequently asked questions about how, what, and why to file.

Working with Jitasa

Our goal is to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of the nonprofit community; with that goal in mind, we began offering a stand-alone 990 product that will reduce your yearend worry. If your nonprofit qualifies for Full, EZ, or PF 990 filings, you can sign up for the services of our nonprofit accounting experts for a simple, flat rate fee. We’ll make sure there are no surprises, no hassle, and no worries when it comes to your yearend. For more info on our 990 filings please visit www.jitasa.is/nonprofit-solutions/990-tax-preparation.

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