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Playing Favorites: Wyakin Warrior Foundation

It's pretty easy to love what you do when you work with such great people. Our clients are changing the world for the better and their missions really resonate with us. We took the time to ask a few of our employees what client mission inspires them the most, and why. We got some great answers, and will be featuring them, along with a brief bio of the client in several blogs to come.

Wyakin Warrior Foundation

About their organization

The Wyakin Warrior Foundation is dedicated to helping injured and wounded warriors not only persevere, but excel in civilian life. They assist those that have sacrificed for our country by helping them achieve personal and professional success. They work with post 9/11 veterans to prepare them for the business world. They achieve this through their 6 tenets:

1. Mentoring--They provide up to 5 mentors (per warrior) that are tailored to meet their specific needs

2. Professional Development--They work with warriors to develop tangible development plans that help staff and volunteers direct them toward their goals. They also offer monthly seminars by local leaders in their fields.

3. Education/Financial Assistance--They can provide financial assistance for up to 60 months to complement a GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation program.

4. Community Service
—used to demonstrate opportunity and ability

5. Networking—to assist with job placement

6. Proactive Follow Ups—annually performed to monitor and assist warriors through personal and professional situations.

Why we love them

It’s easy to be inspired by an organization that makes such a difference in the lives of our veterans. They offer a lifetime commitment to aid warrior’s success. On a professional level, they continuously keep us on our feet, challenging our accounting and financial knowledge on a nearly monthly basis, which we love. Their staff is excellent to work with and display an unbridled passion for their work.

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