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More Nonprofit Twitter Feeds to Follow

1. Lightbox Collaborative: @LBCollab

Lightbox Collaborative is interested in helping nonprofits, philanthropies, social entrepreneurs & other do-gooders jump start thinking, create clarity & spark action in order to increase impact.

If you want great information to strengthen and improve your fundraising efforts and tips on crafting great fundraising content, you should definitely follow them.

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2. NTen: @NTENorg

A community transforming technology into social change, NTen will keep you up to date on the latest on nonprofit technology. They’ll tell you where to catch free community webinars, the newest tools and products, and one on ones with technology experts.

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3. Social media for nonprofits: @SM4Nonprofits

Interested in spreading social good, social media for nonprofits provides training on all things social media. Follow them for tips on increasing engagement, developing best practices when it comes to social, and targeting your audience through content.

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4. Nonprofit Hub: @NPhub

With a goal of “helping nonprofits be more remarkable,” Nonprofit Hub tweets info about nonprofit marketing and fundraising. Read their feed to find out how to avoid social media pitfalls, and website mistakes, as well as how to target your audience with your marketing efforts.

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5. Nonprofit information: @Non_Profit_Info

Like their name states, this twitter feed is a wealth of nonprofit information. They have tips on strategic planning, how to retain quality volunteers, and advice on starting and running a nonprofit.

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