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Making the Mundane Meaningful

Most of life is mundane.  When one analyzes life and how the hours are spent, the vast majority are spent in repetitive activities.  Eating.  Sleeping.  Driving.  Work.  There can be variation and excitement in these areas – a great meal! a road trip!  - but for the most part we eat similar foods to what we ate before.  We sleep the vast majority of our life in the same bed we slept in yesterday.

It can be the same with work.  We sit at the desk we sat in yesterday, we tend to do work that is similar in nature, and we are surrounded by people we saw yesterday.  

Sounds pretty mundane?

It is my belief that the mundane can – and should – be meaningful.  When we are given opportunities to use our gifts and talents – even in things as repetitive as accounting – we should take up that opportunity.  When we do the best we can possibly do, it transforms the mundane into something meaningful.  The nature of the work is less important than the effort to accomplish the work.  When we put forth effort, regardless of outcome, it becomes meaningful.

There is a beautiful aspect of American culture that honors and admires the tradesman who takes pride in his work.  People who go to great lengths to create intricate works of art, or people who take extra care when mowing the lawn are looked upon and admired.  As well, Olympians who do their best, but might fall an inch short or a second too late, are celebrated because we all know the effort and dedication it took to get there.  Our culture admires effort, “taking pride in our work,” and it is one our greatest traits.

My goal at Jitasa is to create an environment where people feel that the seemingly mundane is meaningful, and that every day that they put forth their best effort, is a day ripe with meaning and purpose.

Jeff Russell, CEO/Founder, Jitasa

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