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At Jitasa, our mission and our culture set us apart from other companies. We only serve the nonprofit community, and although there are many different personalities and talents housed within our company, all of our employees share the dream of a better world. As we are currently looking for talent to fulfill several excellent positions within The Jitasa Group, below we’ve outlined some our great benefits and included direct quotes from the staff that loves working here.

VTO and interior promotion

“This is my first year as a Jitasa employee. I am most excited about the practice of promoting from within, giving current employees a path and opportunity to growth. I also love that I am able to get paid to do the volunteer work that I love through our VTO program.”

Each employee receives 40 hours of paid volunteer leave. Teach yoga in Africa, assist with a local golf tournament, or take a stance on your favorite issue. No matter how you change the world, we’ll pay you to do 40 hours worth of it.In addition, all positions that we hire for are offered internally to our staff first. We encourage employee advancement and work together to make it happen.

“I love knowing and feeling that the work I do, either individually or as part of a team, has a strong and positive impact on our clients’ missions, and Jitasa’s business success”

Keep the change

“I love working for Jitasa because our customers are so diverse. From their mission to their needs and requirements, the distinctions that set them apart make each day interesting.”

Our clients are working to change the world. They have varied missions, programs, and accounting needs. As such, every day is variable and filled with learning opportunities.

“After five years, I’m still learning something new Every. Single. Day. The opportunity to expand my knowledge and constantly tackle new challenges keeps it interesting!”


We have our own culture and we own it. With a work hard play hard mentality, we love who we work with and go out of our way to show it. We burn our break energy with ping pong and mini golf, share a beer after work with a keg that gets filled monthly, and tear it up in white water every summer. We recognize that happy employees are productive employees, and we operate in an environment that reflects that. We dress-down, have fun, commit to the community, and compete, so that we can give our clients the best service possible.

“Jitasa is a growing company with great culture. It starts from the top with Jeff who instills a work hard/play hard philosophy. Everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful. The management is genuinely interested in working with you to make sure you are successful and are able to grow in the roles you wish to pursue. If you are willing to work hard and take on responsibility, you can quickly advance within Jitasa.”


“Working at Jitasa is great because it’s professional yet laid back. The fact that we work as teams helped overcome the learning curve without feeling alone or intimidated.”

We can talk about our great culture and awesome benefits all day, but what really makes Jitasa the best place to work are the people who power it on the daily. We look for employees that work hard and stay humble. Whether you’ve been here a month or a year, you are expected to know our governing principles and to display them in the work place. We are conscientious, gracious, and disciplined. We help each other learn, grow, and stay productive. We genuinely care about each other and want our business and personal lives to thrive.

“I really appreciate the work-life balance. Some companies boast that they offer that to their employees, but what is actually expected may not be beneficial to what employee’s value when it comes to their own work-life balance. For me, I can be a mom and wife and handle all the expected ups and downs and twist and turns, while still fulfilling my obligations at work. I am treated like an adult, I feel valued, and I am trusted!”

Join the team

We are currently hiring 9 positions.

To apply to join the family visit: http://jitasa.is/about/careers

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