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Jitasa's New York City Office Moves to the Centre for Social Innovation

Jitasa’s Director of Market Development, Susan Lentini, believes in positive change. She’s an innovator with a purpose. Which is why she decided to move our New York City office from Manhattan’s mid-town to the exciting new Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). Located on Manhattan’s west side, the Centre is a nonprofit with a mission. They seek to connect individuals focused on social change, using a platform of interaction and collaboration to create a “place of possibility,” and Susan is thrilled to bring Jitasa into the mix.

When asked about the move, Susan commented, “The Centre is magic.  Dialogue and interaction are encouraged, and the people here are creative, industrious, and engaged in meaningful work.  Everyone focuses on not only talking the talk, but putting in the effort to make change happen.” She added, “Jitasa wants to be part of the conversations and progression that result from the collaboration taking place here.  The Centre is a perfect fit for the work we do at Jitasa.”

CSI is housed in The Starrett-Lehigh building, which was built in 1931 and combines its industrial roots with state of the art technology. The building houses ad agencies, photographers, fashion companies, designers, and architects, and is the perfect environment for both CSI’s creativity and Jitasa’s innovative message.  

With a shared workspace of 24,000 square feet, CSI uses its space to encourage people and ideas to collide. Large chalkboards, classrooms, and collaborative spaces run throughout the space, driving conversations and emboldening inspiration.

Susan is excited to bring Jitasa’s specialized nonprofit services to CSI.  As a way of showing our commitment to the Centre, Susan is offering a special discount for CSI nonprofits wishing to use our accounting services. 

Contact her to discover how Jitasa can help your nonprofit improve our world.

Susan Lentini - Director of Market Development
m. 917.363.8396
susan.lentini@jitasa.is I www.jitasa.is I @jitasa_is

Renata Poe Massie, Content Writer, Jitasa

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