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Why You Should be Using Great Nonprofits, Whether You’re a Donor, Volunteer, or Nonprofit

Donating to an organization that you’re unfamiliar with can be a gamble. So can the desire to support a cause and not knowing where to start. You want to make sure that your money is going to the cause and people you want to support. That’s where Great Nonprofits comes in. They’ve compiled a platform that allows donors and volunteers to review the organizations they work with.

It began when donors were searching for the best legitimate way to donate in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Founder Perla Ni states, “We needed an online ‘Tripadvisor for Nonprofits’ - to give a voice to the experiences of clients of nonprofits, volunteers, and involved donors. And to help prospective donors and supporters find great nonprofits." They’ve been going strong with this idea since 2007.

The site allows users to search nonprofits within their area, by the cause they’d like to support, or by a city or state they care about. However, this isn’t just a great platform for donors and volunteers, but the nonprofits (Great Nonprofits is a 501c3 themselves) who use it. Great Nonprofits is partnered with organizations like Guidestar, and JustGive, meaning the nonprofits that utilize their review site are seen by more people, in more places.

The features on Great Nonprofits are free to the nonprofit community, and getting started is easy. Plus, you’ll find tips on how to get reviews from your donors and volunteers, and a badge you can display on your site to let people find your reviews.

Renata Massie, Content Creator for Jitasa

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