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Great Nonprofit Resources for Your State: New York

Whether you’re a seasoned organization or an up and coming nonprofit, it can be hard to know which resources are worth your time. Below we’ll detail several great resources based in New York State that will help your organization run more smoothly. From volunteers to board leaders, find easy ways to improve your nonprofit.

1.  New York Cares

This is a great resource for volunteer services. New York Cares works to round up like minded individuals that want to help disadvantaged New Yorkers.They strive to inspire New Yorkers to “be the someone who makes a difference”…and it’s working. They have more than 63,000 people volunteer over 275,000 hours with them in any given year.

As a nonprofit, you can request volunteer services by joining their community as a partner. They can provide volunteers for a current program that needs support, or for a new program that needs development. If you’re approved they’ll provide:

  • Volunteers who are on time and ready to work.
  • A trained volunteer Team Leader who will coordinate and manage the team of volunteers and communicate frequently with you and your New York Cares Program Manager.
  • A Program Manager with specialized expertise who will work with you and your volunteer Team Leader to ensure an effective and successful project.
  • Guidance and collaboration defining project-specific goals and expectations.
  • All of this for free—we even cover the cost of program supplies.

They also offer great resources and trainings to help your nonprofit navigate relationships with volunteer staff. Right now you can find information and upcoming training on working with difficult volunteers, building relationships with volunteers, and assessing volunteer costs and benefits, to name a few.

2.  Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC)

We may be a bit biased since they have been our partner for several years, but their members sure aren’t. They have a whole page of Members speaking about how they have changed or assisted their organization for the better.

Founded in 1984, NPCC has spent the last 30 plus years working to improve the nonprofit community in New York. The member benefits are extensive and are based on the operating budget of your nonprofit, and can be as little as $35. As a member, you’ll have access to:

  • The Nonprofit Outsourcing Clearinghouse

This provides the resources you need to make educated decisions on hiring an outside source to complete some of the tasks you can’t handle alone.The companies listed aim to help you reduce costs and increase productivity. For example, Jitasa provides members of NPCC their 1st month free and 10% off tax services due to our partnership.

Here you’ll find great information and resources from their past newsletters in an easy to use format organized by topic.

NPCC offers weekly workshops that will give you the knowledge to improve your nonprofit. They offer over 60 a year for members. This month they’re offering everything from email management to understanding google analytics.

3.  BoardSource

Imagine if you can, a world where every organization in the social sector had the leadership and board support necessary to make it a five star nonprofit capable of advancing public good…that is what Board Source seeks to accomplish. They recognize that great leaders are made, and want stronger, more effective boards assisting nonprofit organizations. That’s why they launched their year round board support program in 2011.

Membership will help guide and evaluate your board to support the future growth of your organization. Members receive access to diagnostic tools, and training and events geared toward strengthening board performance. In addition, as a member you’ll get access to hundreds of members-only resources that enhance your nonprofit governance, such as:

  • A resource library filled with articles that address nonprofit board leadership issues.
  • Ask an Expert email service provides an easy way to get help and advice on specific board leadership issues.

Bonus: Even if you aren’t a member, you can still find a library of free resources

4.  Board Assist

Board Assist operates on the understanding that filling empty board seats can be a stressful burden for nonprofit leaders who lack the time, resources, and contacts to access viable candidates. They’re committed to helping you fill your empty board seats with strong, knowledgeable members of the community that are dedicated to improving your organization.

Board Assist identifies and recruits applicants on your behalf. They do not do so passively, but are committed to recruiting for your board as you yourself would. They take the time to understand and believe in your mission so they can passionately tell your story to the best potential trustees, and find someone who is committed to supporting and improving your organization.

They are dedicated to your organization and want you to be happy, that’s why you won’t pay unless you like their candidate enough to vote them onto your board. They have a long list of satisfied clients that speak volumes about their service.

Renata Poe Massie, Content Creator for Jitasa

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