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Four Futures

Paul Light's 5-page article on the Four Futures facing the non-profit sector is worth a read. http://tiny.cc/d06xa On the heels of my post about "Small is Beautiful" this article highlights the challenges small organizations face. He talks about all the buzzwords of collaboration, efficiency, and scale. Whether you agree with his assessment or not of the potential four futures for the sector, his article is one more piece of evidence that the need for flexibility and unique collaborative business models - like ours - are continuing to gain traction.

We are seeing mergers among our client base and a continued push to find efficiencies in the face of funding cuts. I believe this is making the sector stronger and much more focused.

American's tend to be optimists and I'm excited to see how our sector steps up and responds collectively to the challenges all around. We have a great future ahead of us.

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