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Don’t Get Scammed: W-2 Phishing Scam

According to the IRS, a recent scam involving W-2 Phishing expedition has been escalated to include the nonprofit community.

How the scam works

The scam begins with an email utilizing “spoofing techniques” to make it seem as if it is from an executive within your organization. The nefarious perpetrators will then contact your payroll or accounting personal, requesting employee W-2 copies. Once received, they have all the information necessary to steal someone’s credit and identity.

A recent development also has the plunderers requesting that a wire be completed using the same spoof of an executive’s name to make it seem official.

What to do before you’re scammed

According to the IRS, you should share this scam information with all payroll, finance, and human resource employees so they can be on alert. They also recommend creating an “internal policy, if one is lacking, on the distribution of employee W-2 information and conducting wire transfers.”

What to do if you have already been contacted or scammed

The IRS has detailed information on how to report and avoid this scam, click here for further details.

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