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At Jitasa, we believe that impact takes many shapes, sizes, and forms. Our nonprofit clients all passionately pursue their mission, and it makes the world a better place. At Jitasa, a certified B-Corp, we do the same thing and we believe it makes the world a better place.

Often “corporate America” is described as evil or neutral at best. I came from the corporate world and saw all that it does and has to offer – good and bad. A manager once asked me to change the date of my wedding for a project deliverable – the bad. And I’ve seen thousands of people lining up outside of factories hoping for a day or work – the good (work brings dignity and economic prosperity.)

But some companies go even further than standard corporate America. So I am thrilled by the work of my wife, Tara Russell, with Carnival Corporation and the launch of their 10th brand – fathom (www.fathom.org) – an organization dedicated to “impact travel”, an entirely new travel category.

The webcast of this launch event is fantastic – if you have an hour to watch. Watch Now >>

If not skip ahead to Arnold Donald’s talk, starting at 6:15 and lasting about 5 minutes, describing the ongoing good that Carnival does in the world. This was the perfect introduction to the launch of the fathom brand. And it goes without saying, time permitting, you should certainly keep watching to hear my wife’s speech as well!

Jeff Russell, Jitasa CEO 

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