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Client Spotlight: The Vietnamese Friendship Association

It's pretty easy to love what you do when you work with such great people. Our clients are changing the world for the better and their missions really resonate with us.

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The Vietnamese Friendship Association (VFA) is a nonprofit rooted in celebrating their incredible culture. Based out of Seattle, they are focused on bringing individuals together and strengthening their community. They also focus on harnessing the potential for social, cultural, and economic success for the Vietnamese community. They work to conquer the socioeconomic inequality by enhancing the resources available to the public. To do so, they offer programs that focus on four core areas:

Supporting students to become college and/or career ready

They help to prepare Vietnamese students for the future. They work closely with Seattle World School to provide weekend and summer tutoring. They also work to support students and parents from elementary level and above to improve their English language comprehension.

Students who have participated in this program have seen an increase in their math and English scores by up to half a grade level improvement.

Assisting families to achieve self-reliance and success

With these programs, VFA seeks to assist newly arrived immigrants to adjust to the American culture and way of life. They offer youth readiness training, as well as provide career counseling and professional skills development so students may find a fulfilling and financially rewarding career in their new country.

Engaging and learning from other cultural communities

Seattle, especially the southeast portion, is home to an array of refugee and immigrant families. Within this space over 50 languages are spoken, and while this leads to a unique opportunity to celebrate culture and diversity, it can also lead to a lack of representation when it comes to interacting with English only speakers…VFA works to improve the schools in southeast Seattle, and advocate for those who are often lost to the margins.

Developing future representation for their community by helping to create strong leaders

VFA understands the need to create systematic change to benefit communities of color within the city of Seattle. They are one of the founding organizations of the Southeast Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC), this coalition brings organizations, activists, and stakeholders together with the common goal of improving schools in southeast Seattle. These goals include creating future educated leaders within their community by providing:

  • access to preschool for all children
  • mental health and career counselors placed in every school, and
  • an equitable distribution of school resources.

The Vietnamese community holds an amazing opportunity to enhance the city of Seattle. The mission and people of VFA work diligently and tirelessly to aid the people of their culture in not only adjusting, but succeeding in America. The manager of their account here at Jitasa had this to say about them:

"I am so inspired by their mission and how hard they work to be involved in their community. The services they provide, like job training for refugees, enriching immigrant youth at their Seattle World School and the countless families they take in and help any way they can, it is heartening to be able to assist them in any way I can. In addition, James and his staff are friendly and resourceful, and they are a joy to interact with."

They really are an amazing client and we can't say enough good things about them.

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Want to support this great organization?

You can donate, like them on Facebook, or attend this awesome benefit dinner in March.

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