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Client Spotlight: Humanitarian Open Street Map Team

Our clients are making a real difference in the world. They’re changing lives, improving situations, and taking care of others. They’re missions are an inspiration, and are as varied as snowflakes. We love featuring the great work they do here on the blog, and giving our readers a chance to experience the great work they do.

Humanitarian Open Street Map Team (HOT)

No one wants to envision a large-scale disaster, or where they might be during one. However, everyone wants to believe that emergency services will be able to respond without hassle or delay. Our client, the Humanitarian Open Street Map Team, works to make those beliefs a reality. They’re putting vulnerable people and places on the map, because they believe that “free, up to date maps are a critical resource when relief organizations are responding to disasters or political crisis.”

HOT was developed because the poorest and most vulnerable places in the world cannot be found on any map. Working with Doctors without Borders and The American Red Cross, HOT began its mission to provide up to date, online, GLOBAL maps that provide detailed data. Dedicated volunteers around the world map the unknown using satellite imagery, while volunteers from partner agencies and residents walk the street providing further detail.

At the first sign of a major disaster, HOT is able to respond with detailed maps or a network of volunteers to save lives. They create, in minute detail, collaborative maps that enable first responders to react and reach those in desperate need. Their results show how great their program is. To date, volunteers have collaborated to create over 3,500 maps that put 7.5 million people on the map. It’s no wonder that they have a committed group of partners including: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The American Red Cross, and Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery.

Get involved

HOT depends on dedicated volunteers to fulfill their mapping needs. They keep a list of projects that currently need attention, and they have a detailed training procedure that will teach anyone to map like a pro.

You can also stay up to date by following them on social media on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

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