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Blog Flash Back: The American Adventures of Air, Tuk, and Mind

The last week of the year is best spent near a warm fire with some great reading material. Here is a lively tale to keep you entertained during the final breaths of 2017.

The American Adventures of Air, Tuk, and Mind

At Jitasa, we reward loyalty and long-time employment. Part of that reward includes a sabbatical to celebrate five years of being Jitasawesome. Six weeks, wherever you want to go. The world is your oyster. For Pradittha.Saardsri (Air), Chananart Srihirundaj (Tuk), and Donlaporn Hutabuarat (Mind), that meant traveling a total of 33 hours to land in our beloved Boise, Idaho.

Traveling to a new country often includes a heavy dose of culture shock, and many awkwardly funny experiences. For Tuk, Air, and Mind, it included a confusing trip to the Hollywood hills, discovering how the heck tipping works, and some amazing ice cream. Continue reading for a full Q & A about their adventures.

How long was the flight?

Total flying time of 18 hours, plus an additional 15 hours of layover in Seoul, Korea and Los Angeles, CA.

Where did you go?

After we left Boise, we went to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

What was your favorite thing about visiting Boise?

We liked the Kanak Attack food truck on Wednesday. We also loved the welcoming environment, and friendly people that the city is filled with.

What was it like to be in the Boise Office?

Everyone is friendly and the atmosphere in the office is relaxed, not too stressful.

What was something about America that was exactly as you expected?

Nice weather and friendly people

Did you experience culture shock? Why?

Leaving tips in restaurants was new to us. In Thailand, we don’t have to leave a large tip; usually just the loose change (which is never much). Also, in restrooms, the gap from the door to the floor is unusually high…our restroom stall doors always go to the floor.

What did you enjoy the most? What is your best memory?

We went to Universal Hollywood and had so much fun there.

Did you have any food or drink here that you loved? Anything you really miss?

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream: New York Super Fudge Chunk. Best. Flavor. Ever.

What was your biggest surprise on your trip? Something about American culture that you didn’t expect?

Being asked to show our ID cards before ordering an alcoholic drink. We thought this country had complete freedom, but some things are stricter than Thailand.

Did you do anything crazy or adventurous?

Well, when we first arrived in LAX airport, Air couldn’t get the fingerprint scanner in customs to work, we were all so worried that she wasn’t going to be allowed into America.

Later, we wanted an iconic picture with the Hollywood sign close in the background. So, we took an Uber into the Hollywood hills to get a picture. After we were finished, we quickly discovered that none of us could get a cell phone signal in that area. So, we had to walk back while trying to call an Uber…it was a long walk. A motorcycle policeman passed us on the road and asked what we were doing. He was nice and pointed us in the right direction. After an incredibly long walk, we finally caught a ride back to Hollywood. As we were walking along the main Hollywood strip, the same motorcycle policeman pulled up to us and said that he was happy we had made it back.

What is your final impression of America?

Boise is a cool city, with lots of friendly people.

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