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Another 5 Nonprofit Blogs You Should Follow

1. Nonprofit Quarterly

I’m sure many of you have heard of Nonprofit Quarterly being that they’re known as “the Harvard Business Review for the nonprofit sector.” If you haven’t however, you’re missing out on the top news of the sector. On their site you’ll find updates on policy and social context, philanthropy, governance, and management. Below are two great articles recently published:

2. Selfish Giving

This blog is all about cause marketing. Author Joe Waters seeks to partner nonprofits and businesses with a gain of mutual profit. This blog will provide tools and strategies that introduce you to cause marketing and provide ways and ideas to connect. There’s infographics on how cause marketing started, podcasts on how nonprofits can recruit new corporate partners, and blogs on cause marketing campaigns that work.

3. Julia C Campbell

Julia is a nonprofit marketing professional, well versed in the intricacies of nonprofit marketing and the daily running of social media. She only works with nonprofits, and wants to “increase the clarity, confidence and capacity of nonprofit marketers through personalized consulting and coaching services.” Her #501Socialblog is a standout when it comes to social media management. Check out these recent articles:

4. Twenty Hats

Written by Elisa Kosarin, a nonprofit professional with over 15 years of wearing many hats for the organizations she’s worked with. According to their homepage, Twenty Hats is devoted to helping volunteer managers and nonprofit professionals master the skills they need to make their jobs easier. She discusses trusting your gut when interviewing volunteers, how to turn away volunteers and still have an okay day, and formulas for elevator pitches.

5. Fundchat

Fundchat is a great resource for fundraising advice and donor centric content. They’ll explain who you should be targeting and why, and how to get the most from your fundraising efforts. Below are some stand out articles to get you started:

  • Social media and ethics in fundraising
  • Communicating with younger donors 
  • Your nonprofit’s future depends on today’s $10 donor 

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