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7 tools to help with your nonprofit accounting

Whether you’re just getting started, a QuickBooks guru, or ready to pull your hair out in frustration, these sites will help make your life a bit easier…at least when it comes to your nonprofit accounting.

1. Nonprofit Accounting Basics

With a focus on accountability, this site walks you through the fundamentals of nonprofit accounting, explaining the basics with articles, FAQs, and videos. It is a great place to get started when trying to wrap your mind around nonprofit accounting. Operated and run on a volunteer basis, their site doesn’t charge you a thing to view the plethora of accounting information they’ve compiled.

2. Free QuickBooks assistance with helpful videos

This site scours the web for free video content that explains the detailed processes of Intuit’s QuickBooks program. The videos he’s discovered cover everything from adding a bank account to reconciling your bank.

3. National Council of Nonprofits Audit Guide

The National Council of Nonprofits offers an amazing resource list that spans the width and length of nonprofit audits. They discuss myths, frequently asked questions, and provide a detailed state by state chart defining audit requirements in each state. Before requesting an audit or having one completed, be sure and check in here first.

4. Accounting help from Nancy Church

An authority on nonprofit accounting, Nancy Church has the experience of more than 14 years to back up her assistance. Her site not for profit accounting help offers free webinars, accounting resources, and blogs on the latest nonprofit accounting topics.

5. Hurwit & Associates

Offers an extensive list of helpful articles in their Nonprofit Law Resource Library. The pièce de résistance is their state by state list of compliance requirements (initial as well as annual).

6. IRS 990 Breakdown

Knowing which forms you are required to file with the government can be tricky and is largely based on your financial activity. This chart will break it down in less than a paragraph, and offers links to the form itself.

7.   Jitasa’s YouTube Channel

This is a great place to find webinars that break down complex accounting practices in simple steps.

Renata Poe Massie, Content Writer for Jitasa


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