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5 Twitter Feeds Your Nonprofit Needs to Follow

 If you’re not tweeting (twittering?) you should be. Twitter is an excellent source with a deluge of #nonprofit information. Once you’ve created your ideal twitter feed, the knowledge you seek is right at your fingertips. Below are 5 twitter feeds that we find invaluable. You can find these and more in our great #nonprofit content list on Twitter.

1. GuideStar USA
A trusted source in the nonprofit community, their bio states “ensuring the nonprofit sector is strong enough to tackle the great challenges of our time.” They prove it with a twitter feed that provides access to the latest in nonprofit news, including articles on management, saving money, and connecting with your donor community, to name a few.

You can follow them @GuideStarUSA

2. Center for Nonprofit Management Southern California
CNM SoCal is an excellent resource even if you aren’t lucky enough to live in Southern California. You’ll find tips for communicating effectively, surveys that improve the nonprofit sector, and the means to not only motivate your staff, but train them effectively.

You can follow them @CNMsocal

3. Miratel Solutions
As a company Miratel Solutions connects your nonprofit to supporters in a fundraising capacity. Their twitter feed reflects this with excellent info on improving your fundraising efforts. They also tweet on subjects like engaging your community and keeping your volunteers happy.

You can follow them @Miratel

4. Independent Sector
Independent Sector is a great resource that offers excellent content. Their feed focuses on how to improve your nonprofit through governance, how the nonprofit sector is changing, and how to get involved in discussions with leaders and game changers of the sector. They are committed to advancing common good and it shows.

Follow them @IndSector

5. Julia C. Campbell
Social media is a fairly new platform and it is constantly changing. Julia provides great content that will keep you up to date on the best way to connect and communicate with current and future donors.

Follow her @JuliaCSocial

Renata Poe Massie, Content Creator for Jitasa

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