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5 Twitter feeds that will improve your nonprofit

The great thing about Twitter is that you can curate lists that basically giftwrap and deliver the exact content you want, precisely when you want it. It’s easy to use and can make researching a topic a breeze.

Below are five awesome tweeters that focus on five different nonprofit topics. To follow them simply click their name, it’ll take you straight to their twitter homepage. If you need help creating a list, check out the last paragraph.

1. Bloomerang: @bloomerangTech

Bloomerang offers a great feed for all things involving nonprofit technology. They describe their feed as “software and knowledge to help nonprofits reach, engage, and retain the advocates they depend on…” and their tweets hold true to this sentiment. They also get a ton of interaction from some nonprofit heavy hitters.

You’ll find info on what aids and harms your social media accounts, how to improve your asking techniques, and how to approach your online donor platforms.

2. The Nerdy Nonprofit: @ArcStoneforNP

They not only have a great name, they are an excellent resource for putting the best face of your nonprofit brand forward. Curated by @ArcStone, an agency that helps nonprofits thrive online, they offer cutting edge online marketing ideas and suggestions for the nonprofit community.
A snapshot of their latest tweets include 25 free resources for your next website redesign, quick ways to master more roles in your nonprofit, and what marketers can learn from Bernie, Obama, and the like.

3. NonprofitInformation: @Non_Profit_Info

This is a great feed to utilize if you are just starting your nonprofit, or beginning a new role. They offer a ton of advice on how to be successful, while attracting people to your cause.

They tweet frequently, and offer tips and ideas to improve your volunteer program, go global with your nonprofit, and maximize your donor relationships and online presence.

4. Nonprofit MarComnty: @NPMarCommunity

A lesser known feed, Nonprofit MarComnty is another great resource for marketing info and tips. One of the best things about their feed is that it covers a wide range of subjects from advertising, and branding, to copywriting, and professional development.

Their latest tweets include a logo evaluation checklist, 5 tips to creating a content calendar, a how to on creating exciting nonprofit event themes, and 6 tips to help you conduct a website audit.

5. @NonprofitOrgs

Hosted by Nptechforgood.com, they tweet the same great content you’re used to seeing on their website. They are intent on providing valuable information, news, and resources with a focus on nonprofit tech, online communications, and fundraising through mobile and social outlets.

Standout tweets from this week include choosing the right partner for your nonprofit, how multi-chapter nonprofits can create a consistent brand on social media, and 20 must know fundraising and social media stats.

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Creating a twitter list

Creating a list is easy; once you’ve created an account or logged in, simply find someone you want to follow.

For example, if you want to follow @Jitasa_is:

  • You would input our username in the search bar. This will take you to our twitter homepage.
  • Click the follow button on the right hand side.
  • Then select the settings wheel that is directly beside the follow button. This will bring up a screen that will display an options screen.
  • Select the option “add or remove from lists” this will bring up a screen of your lists.
  • To add a new one, select “create a list”
  • You can then create a name for the list and a description if you’d like.
  • The privacy field on the bottom of this popup allows you to decide if you want your list public or private. If you don’t want others to be able to view or follow your list, select “private”

Once the list is created, you can add anyone else you’d like by following the first four bullets.

Renata Poe Massie, Content Creator for Jitasa

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