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5 Tweeters That Will Improve Your Twitter Feed

The twitterverse is a special domain. It’s an excellent place to communicate with people you idolize, have a laugh, or stay up to date with breaking news. While Twitter offers a great many features, I find the ability to curate separate Twitter feeds by topic invaluable. With this listing feature, you can have the exact content that you desire giftwrapped and delivered with the click of a button.Below are 5 twitterers that our lists couldn’t live without.

**As a refresher, if you don’t know how to create a list on Twitter, see below and we’ll walk you through step by step.

Jose Javier Garde: @Jose_garde

Jose slings great marketing content better than Jackson Pollock slung paint. Based in Spain, he offers a fresh perspective on digital, social, and innovative marketing strategies. While he doesn’t solely focus on the nonprofit community, his feed still offers content that can easily transfer and apply to a nonprofit audience.

Causeview: @Causeview

Focused on providing a donor centric fundraising strategy, Causeview tweets fresh content that will teach you how to improve your nonprofit strategies. Their feed will help you master social media to inspire new donors, suggest new techniques worth reading about, and help you inspire reoccurring donations.

Jill Caren: @2dogsmedia

A web agency that cares about the nonprofit community, 2dogsmedia tweets explaining what the hell SEO is and how to master it to improve your organization. Jill offers great info in a whip quick manner that is easy to consume and find value in.

CDW Nonprofit: @CDW_Nonprofit

Based in Chicago, CDW Nonprofit is a leading provider of tech products and services. While they don’t solely focus on the nonprofit industry, they do offer excellent content that can easily be applied to the community. Use them to demystify the cloud, mobile strategy, and security concerns.

5by5: @5by5agency

A self-proclaimed change agency, 5by5 will inspire you to reach new marketing levels. They tweet advice on website development, connecting with your audience, and achieving creative excellence. If you are looking to improve your audience base, their feed is extremely helpful.

Creating a twitter list

Keep everyone you value in one place. Creating a list is easy; once you’ve created an account or logged in, simply find someone you want to follow.

For example, if you want to follow @Jitasa_is:

1.  You would input our username in the search bar. This will take you to our twitter homepage.

2.  Click the follow button on the right hand side.

3.  Then select the settings wheel that is directly beside the follow button. This will bring up a screen that will display an options screen.

4.  Select the option “add or remove from lists” this will bring up a screen of your lists.

5.  To add a new one, select “create a list”

6.  You can then create a name for the list and a description if you’d like.

7.  The privacy field on the bottom of this popup allows you to decide if you want your list public or private. If you don’t want others to be able to view or follow your list, select “private”

8.  Once the list is created, you can add anyone else you’d like by following the first four bullets.

Renata Poe Massie, Content Creator for Jitasa

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