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5 Nonprofit Blogs You Shouldn’t Miss

A wealth of information is at your fingertips with these 5 blogs, and that info can help you improve the way you do things around your nonprofit. Sit back and let someone else do the research while you reap the final result.

1. Mary Cahalane: Hands on Fundraising

Mary has worked in the nonprofit world for over 30 years, and still adamantly approaches her work with engagement and creativity. Her blog focuses on connecting you with your donors in a way that builds a lasting relationship with happy donors. Recent stand out articles include:

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2. Nonprofit with Balls

If the name isn’t indication enough, Nonprofit with Balls offers up some serious laughs on subjects that the nonprofit sector sees on a daily basis. You’ll find great advice on managing a nonprofit, and surviving the lifestyle that comes with it. He covers subjects such as board relations, community engagement, office culture, grantwriting…you’ll even find a section for unicorns and zombies. The blogs are easy to read and good tips are accompanied with an amuse bouche of entertainment.

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3. The Nonprofit Times Blog

I’m sure you’re aware that The Nonprofit Times is a leading business publication for all things nonprofit, including management, news, jobs, and expert advice. However, they are not just a great news source; they also run an informative blog that covers the same subjects and will keep you updated with shorter, quicker content. Recent articles include:

  • Shut up and listen
  • Jitasa acquires two related firms
  • 7 disciplines of a leader

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4. Connectivity

This is a great blog that features help for associations, nonprofits, and advocacy professionals. You’ll find tips, best practices, and expert advice that will keep you informed and help you improve your nonprofit. They cover the top policy issues for each state, smart marketing, social media advances, and how to communicate with the government in an effective manner.

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5. Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation has a great mission, they strive to promote quality journalism with transformational ideas that inform and engage communities. They have a wide range of writers for their blog, so content stays varied and interesting for readers. You’ll find information on subjects like media innovations, journalism training and education, and open government. Stand out articles include:

  • Making the most of mobile
  • Constant training: new normal or missed opportunity
  • Survey says government not doing great job of providing useful data

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