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5 Nonprofit Blogs You Should Be Reading

1. NpEngage

With 6 blog categories, they offer something to engage any nonprofit. You’ll find articles that address the trends, best practices, and up to the minute news on nonprofit technology, marketing, fundraising, management, foundations, and news, written by experts of their field. Their articles will help you propel your organization to new heights while keeping you informed. The latest stand out articles include:

2. Beth’s Blog

Beth utilizes her more than 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector to aid the community in developing and implementing programs that build their network and social media relationships. Her blog is an excellent resource for connecting with your audience, navigating the confusing maze of social media, and improving the brand you present the world.

3. Bloomerang

As a company, Bloomerang helps nonprofit organizations engage and retain the donors that make their vision for a better world possible. Their “cloud based donor management application is rooted in principles of philanthropy,” ease of use, and empowerment, ensuring that your organization grows and thrives.

As a blog, they follow the same principles. You’ll find information on keeping your donors happy and engaged, and tips on creating the best fundraising opportunities for your nonprofit. You can also check out their absolutely free resources, (think newsletters, webinars, youtube, and downloadables,) which will put their fundraising knowledge at your fingertips. Standout articles and resources include:

4. Bullock Consulting

Kristen Bullock is serious about fundraising and committed to helping nonprofits succeed. She founded Bullock Consulting to aid nonprofits in raising awareness, funding, and volunteers for their organizations. On her blog you’ll find great information that is backed by years of successful fundraising campaigning. She posts on her blog several times a week and focuses on creating and maintaining board success, achieving sustainable funding, and evaluating your nonprofit.

5. Whole Whale  

A lot of great blogs can be clunky and difficult to use, which diminishes their value a bit. Whole Whale is not one of them; their website is clean and aesthetically pleasing, and their blog page is super easy to navigate. As a digital agency, Whole Whale’s blog will help you traverse very technical subjects easily. You’ll learn how to focus on leveraging your data to increase the impact of your organization. Subjects they tackle with ease include:

Mega bonus: They have an adorable French Bulldog called Turtle on the team

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