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5 nonprofit blogs that will change your nonprofit

Fording the depths of the internet for quality content can be exhausting. Here are five blogs that continually deliver excellent nonprofit content. Enjoy!

1. Guidestar

You’re probably familiar with utilizing Guidestar to post your nonprofits financial information and copies of your 990 filings. However, there’s much more they have to offer, their excellent blog numbered top among their great resources. They discuss how to improve your fundraising efforts, excel at leadership and governance, and inform their audience of active grants. Recent standout articles include:

2. John Haydon

A sought-after digital marketing expert, John Haydon uses his blog to share his excellent marketing and fundraising advice with the nonprofit community. Articles are written by competent individuals that highlight their expertise in a succinct, easy to read manner. You can learn how to manage your brand to succeed at fundraising, how to engage your audience on Instagram, and strategies to grow to grow your annual fund.

3. Whole Whale

A lot of great blogs can be clunky and difficult to use, which diminishes their value a bit. Whole Whale is not one of them; their website is clean and aesthetically pleasing, and their blog page is super easy to navigate. As a digital agency, Whole Whale’s blog will help you traverse very technical subjects easily. You’ll learn how to focus on leveraging your data to increase the impact of your organization. Articles recently published include:

4. Board Source

As a company, Board Source seeks to provide the leadership to allow every organization in the social sector a chance to become a five star nonprofit. They recognize that great leaders are made, and want stronger, more effective boards assisting nonprofit organizations. Their blog reflects this desire accurately. You’ll find information on planning, engagement, and conflict management, for you and your board.

5. Engaging Volunteers

Managed by Volunteer Match, this blog addresses an area of nonprofit management that is seldom addressed…how best to manage and recruit volunteers to your organization. Volunteers are often the lifeblood of an organization. They donate their valuable time, and often give funds to your organization as well. This blog will walk you through how to best manage your volunteers and how to show your appreciation for their hard work. Articles very worth reading include:

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