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5 Nonprofit Articles Worth Reading

We’ve forded the depths of the internet to find 5 great articles that you and your nonprofit can benefit from reading.

A Graphic Re-visioning of Nonprofit Overhead

Nonprofit Quarterly addresses the fact that the nonprofit community has yet to develop a simple, consistent message to share with their audience when it comes to overhead. Instead of using dated terms, they have imagined a visual blog that depicts their understanding of nonprofit structure, and how programs shape the overhead debate.

3 Tried and True Techniques That Encourage Monthly Giving

Classy gives you the know how to connect with your donors to inspire a gift that comes back month after month. In true Classy fashion, the article gets right to the point and if filled with helpful links and ideas.

How to Build a Marketing Funnel Your Donors will Love

Top Nonprofits breaks down the concept of a marketing funnel (in detail), and explains how to operate a donor- centric campaign that encourages giving.

Common Nonprofit Terms and Concepts and What They Actually Mean

Vu Le of Nonprofit with Balls is hilarious as always in this article that offers common definitions for common nonprofit terminology. Whether you are new to the nonprofit community and need assistance navigating your way, or you’re a tried and true nonprofitite, you’ll enjoy these witty breakdowns.

11 Facebook Updates Nonprofits Should Stop Posting

Bloomerang points our 11 Facebook faux paus that may be losing you followers. They also provide tips that help you engage the community in your connections so growth happens organically.

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