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5 More nonprofit blogs you should be reading

1. Nonprofit About.com

This site offers a plethora of information. You can find articles on how to start a nonprofit, the best way to keep your volunteers happy, and how to achieve mission driven fundraising for your nonprofit.

2. The Razoo Blog

This blog seeks to “lift the world one post at a time.” They spread the word about great causes and have guest posts about why you should create fundraisers and give. The outstanding part of their blog is definitely the fundraising ideas section. Here you’ll find articles to narrow your focus and improve your fundraising efforts. Stand out blogs include:

  • Be an effective email marketer for your nonprofit 
  • Nonprofits: The importance of diversifying your funding
  • Unleashing the fundraising powers of twitter 

3. TechImpact

This is a great blog to keep up to date and improve your social media skills. It breaks down how to utilize your Instagram, twitter, and blog content to improve your nonprofit. They discuss how to utilize content marketing to create donors, creating a successful Instagram campaign, the best way to promote your events, and how to create content without hiring writers.

4. Big Duck

Big Duck’s tagline is “smart communications for nonprofits” and their whole goal is to help your nonprofit improve communication, and their blog definitely reflects this. They cover all aspects of communication, from engaging articles on rebranding, and words to avoid when speaking with your donors, to how to survive leadership transitions in your organization.

5. Resonate or Die

This is a blog with great readability. Everything is easy to find and visually appealing. Resonate or die strives to “help ministries, churches, and leaders move to the next level, gain momentum and expand their footprint.” They are worth following if you are seeking advice on how to expand your organization. Stand out blogs include:

  • 9 steps to slingshot your ministry, church or nonprofit to the next level
  • 20 ways to cultivate resonance
  • 14 urges leaders should resist every day

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