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No spam. No clickbait. Just 4 great articles worth spending your time on. This featured blog posts will keep you up to date on nonprofit happenings, and help you improve your nonprofit and your mind.

3 unusual tactics for making your testimonials more persuasive

The Kissmetrics blog is “built to optimize growth,” and they offer an ultra-focused view on common marketing metrics and strategies. This article details how to create testimonials that drive user engagement, including where to place them on the page, what length they should be, and why “showing your warts” isn’t always a bad thing.

Author Dustin Walker offers a simplification of complex marketing concepts with links that allow you to further your knowledge as needed. He also includes graphics and examples that correlate with his tips, and quotes from copywriting legends to prove his point. If you are looking to enhance the testimonial accounts of your nonprofit, this is a one stop shop for success.

The power of mindfulness: Reshape your brain for calm and compassion

Would you like to be happier? Less stressed? Full of love for yourself and others? Who wouldn’t, right? This isn’t the introduction to some cheesy infomercial, but rather a reiteration on the importance of mindfulness through meditation. Studies have shown time and again, that the act of mediation improves our outlook on life and attunes the mind to the needs of others.

This article delves into how the brain works and why meditation alters our viewpoints to create empathetic, compassionate individuals. Author Jessica Cassity details how enhancing your awareness of self can lead to a better, healthier you. For an industry that is rooted in improving the lives of others, we often neglect ourselves, this is a great reminder to destress and reconnect.

21 Nonprofit storytelling tips to help you stand out and remain relevant

This post delves into how the nonprofit community is now having to compete with the ‘social good’ campaigns of the for profit business world. Author Ginger Hill provides a slew of effective ways for your nonprofit to differentiate your organization through the art of storytelling.

National Council of Nonprofits launches coalition campaign to oppose repeal of Johnson Amendment

Nonprofit Quarterly reports NCN’s urging for those within the nonprofit community to sign a Community Letter in Support of
Nonpartisanship to later be sent to senators and Congressional representatives. The goal of this letter will be to send the clear message that partisanship has no place in the 501c3 community.

In addition to providing links to previous articles and the Community Letter, this piece also details (in plain un-political English) why nonpartisanship matters, whether the Johnson Amendment needs fixing, and how participating will send a message.

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